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About Lingfield equine courses

Lingfield Equine Distance Learning Courses

Training Provider: Lingfield Correspondence:

A specialist equine training provider offering Equine Distance Learning courses

With, at any one time, over 2000 students working on courses we are  large enough to win awards and be recognised as one of the best distance learning providers of equestrian courses in the UK.  Yet with just a handful of author-tutors, we are small enough to provide personalised, individual, one to one tutoring and support with your equine studies.

Lingfield as a training provider has been been established since 1996 and is now well known for their more natural – some say humane – approach to equine management plus flexible coaching & training. This may not fit with those who historically use a rigid formal approach to course production and teaching, but it is, we believe, the way forward.

We are a professional body of BHS & qualified trainers, lecturers, Stages assessors & coaches.  The BHS elements of our courses are overseen by Fiona Dent – BHS Senior Coach, with support and admin handled by Paula Clements – BHSAI assisted by Anne Roberts amongst others.  The Lingfield instructors as a group, specialise in equestrian courses and produce equine specific distance learning courses under the banner of Lingfield Correspondence.  For Frequently Asked Questions check this link.    For information about all the tutors read this page

Our aims – to offer friendly advice and approachable tutors for anyone aiming to improve the life of the horse or horses in their care.  We are here to help riders and their horses.

  • We should all recognise that whilst gaining certificates and qualifications are important to many, it is not just about us, it is the welfare and love of horses that is of prime importance.

Lingfield Correspondence has been providing all standards of horse courses and equine studies to home study students since 1996. The tutors – all specialists in their fields – produced individual courses for the group as a whole. Instructors / authors within the group are passionate, not about Lingfield as a training provider, but about helping people. Tutors are based in various UK counties from North to South and East to West.

  • Lingfield equine distance learning is considered and recognised as one of the best and friendliest of the leading equestrian online training providers. 
  • In 2018 we won an award a UK Enterprise Award
  • Contact & Office Hours

Within the group, qualifications are varied, to a high standard & with many professional memberships.

  • Some hold UK Coaching Certificate qualifications to Level 3
  • Others hold degrees in equine science specialising in equine psychology.
  • 3 are college lecturers, one an RDA specialist 2 are exam assessors one of whom is a veterinary physiotherapist running her own practice which specialises in equines.
  • Importantly, all of us have our own freelance clients which keeps us grounded within the grass roots of the equine world  – we know where you are coming from.

The unique equine distance learning programmes and equestrian courses from Lingfield, avoids the ´degree standard´ textbook approach and language offered by so many equine colleges and learning providers today.  Our coaches / tutors aim to provide confidence building equine courses which are suitable for all abilities and standards.

Tutors are chosen, for their experience, instructors qualifications and for their friendly and helpful manner. Course advisers include physiotherapists and vets, all of whom provide a wide knowledge base. Each instructor has produced one or more courses, generally covering their chosen speciality.

This video taken by Rupert Howe & associates some 8 years ago, discusses the backbone of our equine care & management courses / studies programmes including the British Horse Society Horse Owner’s Certificates. Although the BHS have since withdrawn the HOC’s nationally, we are proud of our 100% student pass rate at Levels 1, 2 & 3.

  • Since the making of this video, we have increased the number of specialist courses within the programme as a whole.

We are happy to offer help and advice not just to our own students, but to anyone who has a horse or riding related query. Furthermore, we maintain continued help after a student has completed their course. In fact we will always be on hand for you in future – not just now but in years to come.  During the 20 years Lingfield has been running they have helped more than 8000 students achieve their goal.

Our aim is to help, advise and support people of all standards in their quest to learn more about horses and riding.   Instructors & coaches will find amongst our specialist courses, new and modern ideas to help their clients through many riding confidence issues.  With a seriously well respected NLP trainer on hand to chat to you about your clients issues it is more like having your own personal mentor.

  • Our aim is to improve the lives of horses by offering friendly help and advice.
  • We know that many roads lead to Rome and hope to help people open their minds to learning new and different approaches to the management of their equine friends.
  •  Ours is a friendly and informal approach to learning about horse care and management.

In this way we hope to benefit the horses of this world by providing them with a better life.

We Welcome

  • Those wishing to learn more about horses and horse care
  • Complete beginners to those aiming widen or update their knowledge
  • Mature students and home educated youngsters are especially welcomed
  • Riding school or occasional riders who would like to be more involved and knowledgeable

Sight impairment should never be a barrier – we offer course files with access facilities on receipt of  CVI / BP1 / A655

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