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Who is Lingfield

in memory of Tia - friend of Lingfield

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Lingfield Correspondence – Established 1994-6:
A specialist equine training provider – large enough to be recognised as one of the best equestrian distance learning providers in the UK. With just a handful of tutors however, we are small enough to provide personalised, individual, one to one tutoring and support for Equine Distance Learning.

Qualified Tutors/Coaches: Paula Clements, Hannah Haskew, Fiona Dent, Gail West, Tracey Allyn Baker, Martin Murphy & Emma Corbett & Spring 2016 + 1 tutor tba.
Admin / Accounts: Paula Clements & Anne Roberts, J Wisdom. Accountants: S. Baldrey.  See contact details for address, email, telephone, office hours.

This video taken by Rupert Howe & associates some 6 years ago, discusses the backbone of our equine care & management courses and studies programmes including the British Horse Society Horse Owner’s Certificates. Although the BHS have since withdrawn the HOC’s nationally we were proud of our 100% student pass rate at Levels 1, 2 & 3.

  • Since the making of this video we have developed the distance learning programme quite considerably and introduced more specialist courses.  Leigh Farm Cottage – College Office.


As a long standing and well established centre of excellence for distance learning training in the horse world, we aim to provide courses of the highest standard. That aim is also to meet the needs of those identified as having a keen interest in expanding their horse management knowledge & skills and to meet the needs of our learners.

What this Means

  • We are committed to producing top quality training and equine management information and material relevant to those who enquire and enrol.
  • The training material provided by Lingfield is relevant to the practical needs of those who are caring for or intending to care for horses.
  • We aim to obtain feedback from trainers, tutors, coaches, employers and others so that our course material is relevant and improvements can be made where necessary. Our aim is to always work to improve our provision.

Lingfield Correspondence

Established 1994


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