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The Connemara

History of the Connemara pony – From Horsemart web site

Article – General Interest for students

Connemara Ponies have existed in Western Ireland for many years, although the exact origins of the ponies are unclear. The barren, mountainous landscape has developed the Connemara into a strong, hardy pony used for carrying loads of seaweed, peat, corn and potatoes to market and also used for agricultural work.

In the 1700, Connemara’s were crossed with Arabs horses, Hackneys and Thoroughbreds, but too much interbreeding led to a loss of the pony’s distinctive identity, so the Connemara Pony Breeders’  Society was founded in 1923 to preserve Connemara pony

Connemara’s are now bred throughout the world in places such as America, Europe, South Africa and Australia as well as the UK and Ireland.

General Appearance
The Connemara has a well shaped head, with small ears, compact body with medium length neck, fine sloping shoulder, strong back, well developed quarters and short legs. The Connemara Pony is commonly coloured grey, bay, black, brown or dun but occasionally roan, chestnut or palomino.

The Connemara pony is good tempered, sensible and intelligent with good jumping ability. Connemara’s have a cheeky nature but are easily trainable.

The Connemara horse is an excellent child or adult’s pony. Its agility makes it an ideal pony for show jumping and dressage, although it also has the stamina for endurance races.

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