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The Fell Pony

History of the Fell Pony – from the Horsemart web site

Article – General Interest for students

The Fell Pony is related to the Dales Pony and inhabits the hills and mountains of Cumbria. Fell ponies are thought to have been a cross between French, Fresian, German, Polish, or Spanish horses and the Celtic pony.

Fells are traditionally used as pack ponies carrying lead from the mines and were also used for pulling carts and trotting races.

The Fell Pony has a small, well chiselled head with broad forehead, well laid-back sloping shoulders, muscular body, strong back and hindquarters, full mane and tail.

The Fell Pony is usually black,  but bay,  brown and grey can occur. They rarely have white markings.

The Fell pony is known for being lively, alert and hard working.

Uses for the Fell Pony:
The Fell Pony is a good general purpose pony, ideal for trekking and driving.

He can be head strong and bargy, not in any nasty manner but does like to dominate, once you have built a good relationship with your Fell thay are very loyal and loving, can be food orientated, just treat with love, care and repsect and you will have a friend for life.

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