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The Highland Pony

History of the Highland Pony

Article – General Interest for students

The Highland is the largest of the Scottish native ponies. Highland ponies’ strength and sure-footedness make them a good workhorse breed especially for tasks such as ploughing, forestry and haulage. They have also been used as hunting and driving ponies. The Highland Pony Society was formed in 1923.

General Appearance
The Highland has a broad neat head, strong neck, and strong body with short back, short strong legs, flowing mane and full tail.

The Highland pony comes in a range of colours from dun, brown, bay and black. The solid colours remain throughout their life, but the cream and grey dun ponies eventually turn white. Some can be more unusual colours such as chestnut with a silver mane.

The Highland Pony is docile, intelligent and kind.

Uses for the Highland Pony
The Highland pony makes good a child’s pony due to their calm temperament, but is also able to carry adults of up to 15 stone in weight. Highlands make good trekking ponies and are often used for forestry.

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