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Equine CPD - 3 levels

Equine CPD – for licencing & professional development

This new cpd training is open to any equine establishment – or private individual who does not already gain CPD via a national equine organisation. The courses will provide training and cpd to suit 2018 updates to annual licensing or organisation membership regulations.

Accreditation is in process for these courses.  Accreditation is not required for licensing. Non accredited courses will therefore, also be available.

3 Levels

  • The first is available to anyone in the equine industry whether private individual, proprietor or employee.
  • No restrictions, no memberships required.

Initial Level

4 online questionnaires will be available at quarterly intervals. You may complete part of each questionnaire and return to it later – it will be saved for you.  Each will achieve points.  Maximum of 100 pa required.

Equine CPD 1 a: available shortly.

CPD 1 – for Equine Establishments – Initial sample document provides example of style of course document prepared for one specific organisation – it does not imply a standard

CPD 2 – for Equine Establishments – 2nd Level

CPD 3 for Proprietors – annual self assessment or verified with membership organisation

The cpd website is under construction and will go live shortly

Expected costs – but this could change : £60 per establishment of up to 3 individuals for organisation / association / society members or other member group.  £40 for  individuals.

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