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Paula Clements

BHSAI (Reg'd)

Paula Clements

Course Director & Admin

Paula Clements with Fiona Dent, both of The Lingfield Instructor Group, tutor the Equine Care & Management courses and the Intermediate Diploma programmes with the support of  Hannah Haskew.  All are either Stage 3 or Stage 4 coaches with the British Horse Society.

Paula is a BHSAI / a BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship

Fiona is a BHS Senior Coach

Helping people achieve their personal goal is vitally important to Paula. The way horses are kept and managed is something Paula cares deeply about and has always encouraged a more natural and flexible approach to horsemanship and horse care. As tutor Paula is motivational and extremely supportive spending long hours chatting both to enquirers and students helping them with their career choices, riding and theory management issues. Many of her clients, students and those who have attended her lecture courses have gone on to gain professional exams and are now working within the industry.  As a mentor Paula has proved time and again that friendly ongoing support is worth it’s weight in gold.

Paula knows from years of experience of working with young people, that far too many start their training by joining the wrong sort of establishment or taking the wrong qualification route – only to find it doesn’t suit them or fit their needs. Sadly, many then drop out.

Novice clients over the years, have given her an insight into the problems of the first time owner. Many Level 1 & 2 student/owners take time to write to tell her how much easier and happier their horse is now that they have feeding under control and a greater  understanding of their horse’s psychology & behaviour.

Having gained here BHSAI qualifications, competed in dressage, showjumping and cross country, ridden out for racehorse trainer John Dunlop in Arundel. Paula ranun a small riding school and livery yard and also taught part time for  many years at riding schools in Surrey & Sussex teaching all standards and age groups, trained students for their BHS exams & AI, young people for Pony Club tests. For for some years Paula headed up teams of instructors at 80+ strong live in Pony Club branch camps in Sussex, many of these in conjunction with Fiona Dent.  More recently Paula presented many lecture courses on equine management.  Her passion has always been to assist the novice to learn how to care properly and well for their horses.  As a result of a long and varied career in the equine world, Paula has a broad knowledge of the various options to choose as a career path. She is passionate about providing the correct and detailed information to people at the earliest possible time in their search for career options.

Her patience and understanding of the novice rider together with the ability to explain things in a way which is easily understood, has meant she achieved enormous success with teaching novice and nervous adults and children, and those aiming for professional exams.  She encourages them to overcome their fears and problems. With Paula’s encouragement her clients and students achieve their goals and enjoy their riding. They learn to respect and love horses with a variety of characters and temperaments and understand how to get the best from their horses.

Paula spent some years working in both Australia and South Africa.  She is keen to educate riders in UK on the importance of using an instructor/trainer/coach who is fully insured and who really does hold the professional qualifications they say or imply they do.

Paula will share a personal online cloud folder with each student to enable her to check assignments securely and privately.

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