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Arson !

Did you know? 80-85% of serious fires attended by the UK’s Fire and Rescue Service are started deliberately i.e. Arson. This news item is particularly relevant to you if you own or manage a stables or agricultural premises.

Stables and agricultural premises are seen as soft targets! Horses do sometimes die in such fires. How easy would it be for anyone to enter your premises and to set fire to your stables? How easy is access to the hay/straw storage areas. How easy is access to any fuel kept on the premises.

In fact, how easy is access to the stables itself when no one is there – or is there always someone on the premises? If so, would they always be aware of visitors to the yard.

Have you or your yard undertaken an Arson Risk Assessment lately? Contact your local Fire & Rescue Service who can provide Arson Prevention advice as part of their normal community fire safety programme.

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