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Equine online cpd courses

What exactly is a CPD course?

Continual Professional Development.
CPD is quite often an annual training event.
It reafirms and / or broaden your knowledge.

It is basically a form of training and record of knowledge / training, and of your development related to your work or career – or even of your hobby or sport.

It may be mandatory and set down your employer or organisation to which you belong, or chosen by yourself.

Lingfield Equine Distance Learning offers value for money online courses suitable for cpd or training right here on this site.

Entry requirements:

  • Equine industry trainee staff
  • Paid employee or voluntary workers
  • Equestrians & motivated learners – must be over 13

Lingfield theory courses – What is available right now?



Fees:  Lingfield CPD theory courses – open to anyone

  • SC4 – £68  The Equine First Aid & Ailments course
  • SC2 – £68  The Schooling & Training your own horse course
  • Lev 1– £210 Equine Care & Management – Refresher and updater
  • SC 3 – £210 Equine Psychology & Behaviour

Optional CPD Certificates: £10 admin pp on completion for checking and setting up paperwork.

Completion time 1 yr cut off no certificate option


Fees:  ABRS discounted CPD options open to ABRS proprietors

  • SC4 & 2:   These courses offer 2 enrolments per yard @ £34 per person
  • Equine C & M/ment:  £100 pperson –
    • shared £150  (£75 each) must work together & at same speed.

Note:   ABRS Completion time – 1 yr or prior to licence renewal date if required.

Optional CPD Certificates: £10 admin pp on completion for checking and setting up paperwork.


CPD / courses – what it is and what it is for:

CPD is often required by employers and by membership and qualification bodies.

Many assume CPD is simply a training course – or a development programme.  Training courses are part of your CPD. However, it can be a little more personal than that.  A CPD record, is also your own personal record of what you have undertaken and achieved. It is a record of your courses and training and personal development and achievements in your career or hobby.

If I take a courses, what’s in it for me?

It helps you to  ‘review ‘, reflect’ and  ‘document’  your learning and to plan or develop or update your professional knowledge and professional skills or your career.  This record can be of a personal nature or will be recorded in a more professional / business like way.  The record also

  • Provides you an anyone else you share it with, an overview of your professional development to date.
  • It is there to remind you of your achievements – and it reminds you how far you’ve progressed.
  • It is an ideal way to help you keep an eye on your goal or goals as far as your career or employment. is concerned. On a personal basis it helps you realise your own personal goals.
  • It helps to stop you simply drifting along and not realising things in your working life or personal achievement goals have not changed or advanced.
  • It makes you more self aware and shows you where there might be gaps in your skills so that you look to the future to find training or improvements in your working life or hobby.
  • It shows or demonstrates your professional thinking and standing to clients and prospective employers and others around you.
  • It helps you with your
    • skills set
    • career development
    • personal development
    • goal achievement
    • backup, proof and accreditation, of training for any possible future career path or advancement.

In other words any course such as those from Lingfield are regarded as a training course you can add to your record so that the record becomes kind of like your personal CV.  It may be shown as part of your employment CV – even if the work is not equine related.


Review the Courses page and choose from SC2, SC3, SC4 or Level 1.

For a quick enrolment with discounted cpd options contact us directly

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