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Fi’s Training Tips No 1

Position Tip No 1


The position of your feet is vital for your own straightness, effectiveness and balance in the saddle – all of which have a huge impact on the way your horse goes!

To check those feet:

  • Check that your foot is central to the stirrup with toes pointing forward, ankles straight and not rolling out or in.
    • If one toe points out, this action travels up your leg and hip rotating the whole body in that direction. This results in the horse constantly bending the way your body is rotating.  Furthermore, toes turned out means you’ll have no balance going down hill!
  • Stand in your stirrups as if climbing a gate. Have stirrup on widest part of your foot.
    • If your foot is further forward, it has a tendency to throw your lower leg forward when sitting normally – that means you will have to balance by using your hands and horse’s mouth.
  • The heel should always be lower then the toe.
    • and considerably deeper if jumping to have enough forward balance.


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