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How to enrol ABRS staff


1.  We have simplified the enrolment process.  The Proprietor/Employer should:

Your staff member must:

On the same day that you pay and enrol them

  • Individually email us from their own email address – the one they will use for receipt of course files.
  • Confirm in the email that they have the ability to download /save pdf files to a computer/device/ipad etc. A phone is not easily suitable for assignment completion.

They will receive an automated email with a link to download (save) a course file immediately you pay.

  • The automated mail contains time limited link to the first course file.
  • To complete the transaction, staff member must immediately download (save) the file to their own device & confirm in writing by email to Lingfield that they have opened it on their device.
  • To simply open it, will not save it – they must save it to their own device and open it on that.
  • Please assist by having your staff ready and waiting to download, save, then to open & confirm to Lingfield.

Completing the enrolment & payment online

    • Under Billing details:
      • Insert your own (proprietor / employer) details for card payment.  Include name of the Centre for identification purposes by the ABRS please
    • Under Student Details

      • Insert the the student’s email address, and details.
      • That email address will receive an email with the link to the first course file – this happens as soon as you click pay.  Be sure to type students email addresses correctly
      • Immediately advise student (by message/phone/text), to check email and to save the file to a computer/ipad etc.
        • Their password to open the file is within their automated email.
        • They will need the password each time they open it.
      • They must confirm to us by email that they have saved the file to a folder, and can open it on their own device.
      • This completes the transaction of sale – stress the importance of that confirmation email to Lingfield admin office please.


  • Card only please.  No phone/direct payments or Paypal available for this course (thus enabling sustainability of fee).

Transaction of sale

  • It is the responsibility of the proprietor as the ABRS member, to ensure that staff members confirm by email to Lingfield admin. office that course files save and open OK.
  • This confirmation in writing by email completes the transaction.


How to work through the course:

During this period of lockdown we are happy to accept file requests sooner than would normally be expected.

  1. Employer and student arrange quiet times to work on this short and simple course on students own device. If training is license date dependent, arrange a completion date with staff member.
  2. Your staff member simply reads through each short module as and when it arrives in their inbox.
  3. Students work at own speed.  There is no fixed completion date or scheduling. Work the course into YOUR timetable. (this may be subject to licence renewal – employer to check)
  4. Request new Topic files (modules) by ‘number’ in an email.
  5. Simply read each module through, jot down notes if you wish.
  6. Allow a minimum of 3-4 full days to read through, understand and absorb each module as it relates to your place of work.
  7. Complete each of the 5 Topics

Final Assignment:

  • Submit final assignment to your tutor at Lingfield Equine Distance Learning for checking.
  • Should any answers need re working your tutor will provide feedback.  Simply repeat and resubmit.
  • On completion, papers / notification will be sent to the ABRS – who will supply you with a digital certificate

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