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How are the course files sent?

How the files are sent: 

Initial file is downloaded from the Lingfield website on enrolment. Next file may be requested @ a minimum interval of 14 days.

  • Initial file download links offer a limited attempts to download and limited number of days in which to download.
  • If therefore, you do not SAVE the initial file/s to a device or app, after a few clicks / a few days it will no longer be available.

How do I work with Lingfield files:

  • Beneficial to successful completion of the course for most people is use of a full keyboard (not a phone), and a printer if you also like to work from the printed page. (Average use: 1 toner / 2 cartridge).
  • In line with most national colleges – our courses are pdf documents – some of which are interactive.
  • It IS possible to use a phone for these courses but a keyboard and laptop/ipad would be better.  If using a mobile device students must also be able to save documents and use form.

    Students must be able to

    1. Print documents
    2. Use Adobe forms and
    3. Save files to Adobe Acrobat

    here is a help video

What will I need?

  • A suitable device will be needed for working on the course files and assignments and other typed interactive forms required by your tutor and admin office.
  • You will require the latest copy of the free Adobe Reader App to work with our files – this is important for your work on the assignments as explained in the Terms & Conditions which you agreed on enrolment.
  • We strongly advise use of a desk type full keyboard on an ipad or computer.
  • Please note that it is insufficient to simply use a mobile phone.

You will also need:

  • An internet connection via your own computer/similar device to complete assignments & for assessment of same is required for access to Lingfield’s online cloud system.
  • In certain restricted circumstances students can work through a friend, colleague, education department or guardian to access the internet.  It will be  difficult however, for the student to undertake proper research without full access.

Here is the reader for Windows


  • Note: you can view details & untick McAffee if you already have antivirus protection

Here is the reader for Macs.

Get Adobe Reader for ipad or iphone

Here is help if only aiming to use a mobile device


Immediately after you enrol – at the most within 24 hours:

You must confirm you have opened the first file/s & that it/they read OK.  The office will then be able to finalise your registration on the system. At that stage they are able to send you the official Welcome mail and Lingfield Procedures document.

Until confirmation is received from you, the registration is incomplete on our system and you will be unable to request further files – your course is on hold!

The Procedures document is an important part of your course and will also will explain:

  1. How and when to request future files
  2. What format your requests must take
  3. Your Tutor details
  4. Your student course number.

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