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Exams & Certificates

The Lingfield Certificates & Intermediate Diplomas.

Lingfield Level 1 course is very comprehensive.

  • For those aiming for professional exams eventually, it also covers far more than the BHS Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate entry course which covers only one small element / unit of the Stage 1 exam (an orally questioned element)

Level 2 with Lingfield covers far more than is required or questioned in the BHS Stage 2 oral unit  (Units 3a & b – the orally questioned elements)

Certificates are awarded on successful completion of the optional final assignment in a course.

The final assignment takes the form of an exam at the end of each course. These exams are entirely optional and are sat at your home without supervision. We take it on trust that our students will complete them as though they were supervised.

  • The assignments cover the material and research undertaken during your course.The final assignment is tutor assessed.
  • We want you to achieve, so your tutor provides as much help and feedback as possible to enable you to gain your award.
  • Our course material is so comprehensive, feedback and previous assignments so helpful, that most pass without re-working any of the final assignment answers.
  • 100% of Lingfield students achieve certificates on completion.

Intermediate Diplomas

  • Are available to those who complete all the courses within the Intermediate Diploma programme on which they enrolled.
  • Each programme contains at least 2 courses (i.e. Equine Care & Management Levels 1 & 2)
  • Most also contain a specialist course. This is then included in the title of the award. e.g. ‘Intermediate Diploma (Psychology)’ / Intermediate Diploma (Livery Yard Manager)

Admin Fee:  Lingfield Certification and Diploma fee £15.00 Overseas/Paypal £17/19


British Horse Society Horse Owner’s Certificates

The British Horse Society Horse Owner’s Certificates exams have been withdrawn. These have been replaced by the BHS Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate.

BHS Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate (EHKC):

These new certificates will offer exemption to just 2 of the various units of the professional Stages exams –  i.e. the oraly questioned theory elements of the BHS Stage 2 exam

Our Levels 1 & 2 – (and therefore the Intermediate Diplomas)  provide the majority of the theory knowledge on which those taking professional Stage 1 & 2 exams would be questioned.

  • (i.e. the units which are questioned orally in the Stages and which you can learn very easily from our courses without taking a separate exam)

 Info from the BHS:

  • Those aiming for the new BHS certificates will be required to
  • register their interest up front and pay the required combined course fee for registration on BHS EHKC courses with the instructor running the course
  • They are also required by the BHS to become a BHS Gold member

BHS Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate (EHKC)

Should we go ahead after receiving sufficient interest with this EHKC, Lingfield will include the syllabus within our Level 1 course.

Overseas students

Overseas Lingfield students may, providing approved by the BHS, and providing they fit the criteria, sit these BHS amateur theory exams at the British Council offices in their own country. Once registered, students must contact the British Council personally in their own country of residence to establish availability of exam facilities, venue and costs, all of which must be paid by the student as well as the exam fee stated above. See

South Africa: There are several British Council offices in most main cities.

Exams and practical clinics in Southern Africa: 

We have strong links with South Africa and are happy to take fees directly in SA.  Please contact us for information on how to pay. We also have a practical BHS course coach, Janice Green, who visits the Durban area every couple of years. Janice coaches at clinics during her visits and Lingfield students are welcome to join the clinics if they are close enough or to sit their BHS EHKC under her jurisdiction.

The Lingfield equine care & management courses &Intermediate Diploma programmes are used by many students to gain the theory knowledge on which they would be questioned during their professional exams.

More information on becoming a Riding Instructor and gaining professional qualifications will be found in the book How To Get Qualified ‘Guide’ here   (Rriding instructor and groooms qualifications guide).

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