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How to work with Lingfield files.

How do I work with Lingfield files:

  • In line with most national colleges – our course files are pdf documents.
  • You will require a free Adobe Reader App to work with our files – this is important for your work on the assignments. It is available free below for Mac or Windows and also works with up to date phones
  • Most people tell us they prefer to print the course material – see below.

Here is a Free Adobe reader for Windows / phones

Here is a Free Adobe reader for ipads / Apple phones

Some say it IS possible to use a phone for these courses but a larger screen with keyboard is easier.  If using a mobile device students must also be able to save documents and use typeable pdf forms.

Here is a help video

Encrypted files however, (files with a password) cannot be edited or accessed for comments/notations etc.

Students must be able to

  1. Print documents if possible
  2. Type into Adobe forms
  3. Save files to a free Adobe Acrobat app

ACCESS:  Sight impairment should never be a barrier – on receipt of  CVI / BP1 / A655, we offer course files with access facilities.

Internet Connections:

  • An internet connection via your own computer/similar device to complete assignments & for assessment of same is required for access to Lingfield’s online cloud system.
  • In certain restricted circumstances students can work through a friend, colleague, education department or guardian to access the internet.  It will be  difficult however, for the student to undertake proper research without full access.

Do you use an ipad?

  • Beneficial to successful completion of the course for most people is use of a keyboard, and a printer if you prefer to work from the printed page. (Average use: 1 toner / 2 cartridge).

Printing the course files:  We no longer provide printed copies of the files owing to the amount of students enrolling and to the fact that our courses are quite comprehensive and detailed.  It just became too time consuming – we couldn’t keep up.  To continue to print & post them them would have meant increasing the staffing levels and therefore the fees.

  • Most of our students seem to prefer to work from the printed page. You may print a copy of the course material. You will need no more than a ream/packet of paper (under £5 in most supermarkets) and one ink cartridge.
  • The pages are set up so that they have a larger margin on the left of each page to enable you to read all the text when filed in a folder.

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