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How to work through the course

How to work through the course:

Click the Course Info tab on the top menu for full details of how the courses work.

Each ‘Section’ (of a Specialist course) or ‘Study Pack’ (of an equine care & management course) contains either (depending on the type of course) an Assignment or Set Work questions at the end. This consists of a set of questions about the topics you have just covered.

When working on the course files you should make your own set of personal notes which you will build into a big file of your own equine notes and research.  This can be used in future to refer to and enlarge on – we all continue to learn and the world of science continues to develop and provide us with new information and new products.  This file would be ideal to use if you are ever in a position to train others or prepare them for equestrian exams.

PRINTING THE COURSE FILES: We no longer provide printed copies of the files owing to the amount of students enrolling and to the fact that our courses are quite comprehensive and detailed.  It just became too time consuming – we couldn’t keep up.  To continue to print & post them them would have meant increasing the staffing levels and therefore the fees.

  • Most of our students seem to prefer to work from the printed page. You may print a copy of the course material. You will need no more than a ream/packet of paper (under £5 in most supermarkets) and one ink cartridge.
  • The pages are set up so that they have a larger margin on the left of each page to enable you to read all the text when filed in a folder.

Having worked through your first file, answer the questions before requesting the next part of the course. Keep your answers on file for the time being.  The courses all contain self assessment elements to enable you to gauge your own progress as you work through your course.

  • Once enrolled you will be sent the all important document called the Lingfield Procedures document.  This explains just about everything you need to know including what assignment or set work you should send in, when and how to send it. Keep it safe as requested on enrolment, and refer to it first if you have questions.
  • Keep your Set Work / Assignment answers / Research etc in your file with your own personal notes – do not send them in until requested to do so.
  • Use the procedures provided in the Lingfield Procedures document sent to you on enrolment to email your request for your next file.
  • In the next file you receive, you will find an answer guidance sheet (AGS). This AGS provides help and shows you how you should have answered the previous assignments. In other words you will self assess your progress.
  • You continue to work through your course in this way until you reach the final file – i.e. ‘Study Pack’ – for Levels 1 – 3  (or ‘Section’ if working on a Specialist Course)
  • Send in the final Set work in Levels 1 & 2 / Assignment in Specialist courses, with the required administration fee if you would like your tutor to check your work.
  • If working on an Intermediate Diploma you work through Level 1 as described above. On successful completion you ask to start Level 2 and work through that in the same way.
  • 3 course programmes: If you are on an Intermediate Diploma programme which contains a Specialist Course you will be asked to work through to a specific Study Pack in the Level 1 course before working seriously on the Specialist Course.
  • If you get stuck or have queries simply email your tutor.  All our tutors are friendly, relaxed and fully qualified with special knowledge & interest in the course they tutor.
  • The Course Info main page and the Frequently Asked Questions page of this site have more detail.

A Fast Track Option: This is for more experienced people on Intermediate Diploma programmes.  It is available if you paid in full – or as soon as the fee is fully paid if paying in 3 instalments.  Fast Tracking means you can request files sooner than normal.  You may request files at 7 day intervals up to and including Study Pack 5 in Level 1.

You can wiz more quickly through topics you are familiar with and take your time over topics you feel the need to update or research.  If you are working on a 3 course Intermediate Diploma programme see above.

Practical Tack Session:  Level 1 contains a practical Tack Session which if aiming for a certificate, must be undertaken under the jurisdiction of a qualified BHSAI  or above instructor.

Overseas Students must also undertake this with a similarly qualified instructor. e.g. International Group for Equestrian Qualifications Instructors Level 1 is equivalent to BHSAI.

See IGEQ for various international qualifications

Note for overseas students in countries where the IGEQ or local qualifications system is not in place:  If you cannot find anyone suitable to oversee your Tack Session or do not wish to gain a certificate/diploma we will send you a form to sign to say that you are waiving that certificate option and we will happily accept that you do not undertake the tack session but can complete the courses without certification.

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