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Terms and Conditions

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Payment Procedures – Legal issues – copyright information

  • Parents / care workers or anyone paying for a course for someone else:  Please be sure to also take note of final paragraphs.

  • It would help our tutors if they are advised of any dyslexia or any learning difficulties prior to the start of their course

  • ‘We’ means Lingfield Correspondence / Lingfield Equine Distance Learning courses and the Lingfield Instructor Group
  • ‘You’ means the person paying for the course and/or ‘the student’ enrolled on the course


On completion of a Lingfield Correspondence enrolment form or online registration/enrolment form,  you and / or the person for whom you are paying, are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions as stated on the web site and in the Prospectus. Whether paying in instalments or in full, having registered and completed a payment process, you have entered into a contract with a legally binding obligation to pay the fee.

Refunds and Cancellations:

By law (2015), for digital downloads, Lingfield Correspondence is legally bound to offer either of the following:

Immediate download of the first digital file in a course, and no refund option


• Force the purchaser to wait for 14 days before we allow the download.

We offer immediate download and with the exception of the Equine First Aid Course – we offer a 48 hour refund period providing you let us know in writing by post (within 48 hours), and give a seriously valid reason for not being satisfied with the content of the file.  Realising you do not have a suitable device on which to work or deciding you do not have enough funds are not valid reasons – those decisions must be made prior to purchasing/paying. The Equine First Aid Course offers no refund option.

Depending on how you paid, with the exception of the Equine First Aid Course which is on reduced fees, we will refund the full or balance of the course fee or initial instalment, less £10 administration charge in accordance with these terms and conditions without quibble on receipt of written cancellation together with the hard copy of the email on which the downloads were provided – this must be posted standard 1st class  to the address provided by the office, & received by us within 48 hours of payment in full or part, or receipt email containing the download link.

Legally, if a digital file is offered for immediate download on payment, there is no legal cooling off period and the contract of sale begins at the time of the purchaser entering the contract – i.e. completing the enrolment, registration details on the website and making either full or part payment.  With the exception of the Equine First Aid Course, Lingfield however, is prepared to offer a 48 hour period to enable you to study the presentation and format of the first course file and documentation regarding Procedures.

Should you decide after receiving your first course communication from us or file (called Section and/or Study Pack), that you do not wish to continue with the course/s or programmes, and have followed cancellation procedures, we will, in line with the legal requirement for 2015, within 14 days of payment of the full fee, or first instalment, agree to refund your payment less any on-line charges. In all instances this will be less an administration charge of £10 for admin and or setting up the enrolment. All courses or programmes on which you are enrolled will be cancelled at this time, your ownership of the course is relinquished. (Copyright is still binding after cancellation).

• In the event of cancelled, referred cheques or stopped payments, all courses / programmes will be terminated by us without notice. In the event of missed or non payments of standing orders we will assume the student has terminated the course.  Payments outside those arrangements provided on the website are only agreed if previously arranged with the admin office.  Be sure you do not jeopardise your course by assuming payments may be made at your discretion.

Delivery of course material:

On full payment via the website, initial files are automatically sent via a digital link in an email.

If paying in instalments and only when payment system is in place, manual activation of the email with the download link will be set up as soon as we are able.

Course material is sent via email as digital encrypted PDF files (password protected for copyright purposes) – a recent version Adobe Reader  (app links for windows & ipads on this page) or equivalent standard pdf reader is required to view them and to work with assignment files – a mobile phone is not recommended. Encrypted files however, may not be accepted via email networks with high security settings – especially those such as the NHS or other governmental email addresses.

Course files cannot be sent in bulk. Receipt of the first file is accepted as ownership of a course or programme in its entirety.  Agreeing to terms and conditions on the website is completion of the contract of sale.

The second course file cannot be sent for approximately 14 days after completion of enrolment & subsequent files are sent at 7 or 10 day intervals dependent on specific course procedures. With combined course ‘programmes’, students must work progressively through the course files. Requests for course material are subject to fixed procedures and are entirely the responsibility of the student. Course material however, will be sent only on receipt of individual requests which must fit the ‘Procedures’.

Confirmation of the first file having been saved to a personal device, opened correctly & viewed by the student must be made within 24 hours of receipt. Subsequent / 2nd file may not be requested / will not be sent for approximately 2 full weeks to enable us to comply with legal requirements of digital sales. In the case of instalment payments see below. Students must work through the course in the prescribed manner with the required ‘gap’ which, after the initial 14 days is usually 10 days. No exceptions are made to this rule. See main Course Info page for full delivery details including fast track option.

Course material is available only as part of a complete course.
Course files are not available on an individual basis – except for replacements in exceptional circumstances. Request procedures must be adhered to. A complete Level 1 or 2 Equine Care & Management course will not be sent in less than 3 months per course, Level 3 in five months, a specialist course in 6 weeks with the exception of the BHS Teaching award preparation course which may be subject to forthcoming exam/assessment dates. All course file delivery however, is subject to instalment payments.

Delivery with Instalment Plans:

Minimum timescales for sending course material will be extended to no less than monthly intervals.  Requests may only be sent after each monthly instalment payments is likely to have been received by Lingfield. The final file in any course/programme may only be requested when the full fee has been paid.

see also this  Legal issues link

Instalment plans:

If fees are paid by more than one payment, in the event of cancellation of the course by the student within the prescribed timescale, the first payment is subject to the above terms.

Standing Orders:

Must be set up following exactly the instructions sent with the order email. They must be set up with a UK bank by the student with their bank. The form available within the order email or HERE on this website must be completed using Adobe Acrobat and returned to the office ALONG WITH (within the returning email). a chronological list of payment dates & statement confirming that you have set up the Standing Order with your bank.  The student must use their name as a reference with their bank to enable us to locate and tie in the payment with their registration. There will be no refund of any initial payment or any other further instalment payments should any subsequent payment not arrive on the due date.

Lingfield will assume the student has terminated the course if a payment fails to arrive on the due date or via the arranged route. Please record the dates of payments to ensure this does not happen. Should we contact you at any time in connection with a change of date/bank details etc., you must acknowledge and understand that it is your responsibility to make the relevant changes to your bank payments to enable your course to continue.

Assumed termination by student owing to no contact:
Providing we have regular contact your course will remain active for as long as it takes you to complete it.

If after two years, course completion is not accomplished after initial registration, or if we receive no contact from a student for a period of 18 months, enrolment on Lingfield Correspondence courses will be deemed to have been terminated by the student. If there has been no contact, the course and records are archived and there is a charge of £50 for re-instating the enrolment after 2 yrs up to a maximum of 3 years.

However, it is easy enough to drop us a note, within that 18 month/2 year timescale, to let us know that life is busy but you are still keen to continue eventually. At least one module must be requested within that initial 2 year period. If Lingfield as a training provider ceases to exist / trade the student may request the balance of their course material in bulk within a month of cessation of trading.

Course completion restrictions may however apply to DEFRA /subsidised/funded students. The mandatory 10 day gap between confirmation of receipt and request for course material is still required.

A Level 1 certificate will not be awarded on completion of the Level 1 course unless the practical tack session is completed with an instructor who is qualified to the required standard.  There is no alternative and we make no exceptions.

Students enrolling on any course with us are deemed to have accepted, and agree to abide by legally binding copyright laws, the ‘procedures’ criteria as provided in the Lingfield Procedures document, requests and details as laid out in this and any more recent copy of these terms and conditions, the Prospectus, welcome mails, digital course files and/or any other related documentation provided by Lingfield Correspondence or associated course providers.
On enrolment, students accept that any or all procedures, criteria etc. course/admin/certificate fees, tutor support etc., may alter without notice.

Students must read & understand the following information:
Any information given in the course material or in connection with the courses, should be accepted as educated views and opinions, not as absolute truths. When dealing with unpredictable animals such as horses and ponies, students should carry out further independent research, and independent expert advice should be sought at all times. The foregoing applies particularly with regard to the practical handling, riding and caring for horses and ponies.

Contractual agreement: In line with the legal aspect of a purchasing contract: Failing to pay or cancellation of a payment after the initial cancellation period does NOT cancel your contract with the merchant/provider (Lingfield Correspondence). You still need to pay for any goods or services agreed according to contractual laws whether the purchase was made in full or via instalments, on line or otherwise. It is rare and unlikely that we follow this route but you should be aware that legally, it is deemed that the contract is still binding and the provider is entitled to make a claim against you in court and that by signing the contract, you have agreed that the provider may claim monies to the value of the goods or services if you paid by debit or credit card.

Copyright: You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of these courses or related documents. They must be for your own personal use and must not be used for any other purpose. Any breach of copyright law will be followed up. You also agree not to use the courses or course material, or access any contact on the website through which the courses are provided, without our permission.

If at any time there is information on our website or in the course material and associated documentation that contains inaccuracies, typographical errors or omissions which may relate to product descriptions, pricing, promotions, offers, delivery and availability, we reserve the right to correct change or update information or to cancel orders should any information be found by us to be inaccurate at any time prior to or subsequently to your order/enrolment.

We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice.  We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

BHS HOC exams:  These have been withdrawn on a national basis by the BHS. From 2015 therefore we are no longer offering these exams. Any mention of the BHS HOC’s on this website as an option with our courses should be ignored.

Cancellation Procedures

Send written cancellation by email explaining why the course is not for you.  You must also post ta copy of the email together with the order email/the hard copy of the email on which the downloads were provided.

This cancellation must be posted by UK standard 1st class mail to the address provided by the office administrator or on our website.  It must be received by Lingfield within 48 hours of your receipt of the first communication or email containing the download link – or the email with first course file/s attached.

Do not pay for ‘guaranteed delivery’ or ‘signed for’ etc.  but to obtain ‘proof of posting’.

Are you paying for a course for someone else ?

Ticking your agreement to the Terms & Conditions on this website, means you agree to explain to and to make sure the other person understands copyright law, that you will make sure they read and understand the procedures (as provided in the Lingfield Procedures document when they are ‘welcomed’ ) and terms and conditions before they start their course.

Parents/Young people/ people or children in care etc:

We ask that the parent / guardian / mentor, foster carer / personal adviser / case worker,  oversee and communicate with us during the setting up of the course and that they support and work with the student or younger student (for whom they have paid) throughout the course or programme.  We require one only responsible adult/person to communicate with us throughout the set up of the enrolment and the course. This must be from one email address only which will remain constant throughout the course.

In the past, some things have given us cause for concern when it became apparent that the young people, or people in care, were not aware of Lingfield procedures, requirements & copyright etc.  This makes it very time consuming and frustrating for us and makes it difficult for whoever is handling the admin. at the time.  Please therefore help us by following our requests here.

We ask therefore that the parents or other relevant person please ensure the procedures & terms and conditions and copyright laws are read and clearly understood by the student (and explained where necessary)prior to starting, and that the parent/guardian/mentor continues to monitor progress and procedures throughout the course.

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