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Digital file regulations

The first and other digital downloads (course files) are for personal use only.

Payment & Cancellation Procedures: 

Payment:  We accept only GB Sterling.  Any bank and money transfer fees related to payments are the responsibility of the person paying for the course. Payments for instalments via standing order are accepted from UK bank account holders only.

Click Enrol, complete the payment details. After payment in full has been received, or when Lingfield administration office is happy that the first instalment and instalment plan has been set in place, if the office is open and manned, the course will be activated and immediately, an automated email containing a download link for the first element of the course will immediately be sent to the student’s email address.

Legal requirement relating to digital file downloads

Digital file downloads sit under specific laws regarding refunds.  We are legally bound to offer either of the following (but we are more flexible)

  • Immediate download and no refund.
  • Force the purchaser wait for 14 days before we allow the download.


We allow the initial course file to be downloaded immediately – and with the exception of the Equine First Aid Course and the Train Your Horse / Schooling etc., and the ABRS CPD Responsible Groom courses, we also provide a 48 hour cooling off period to allow students to view the file content and make their decision as to whether the content is what they expected.  This download is subject to the full payment being received, or that the Lingfield Administration office has confirmation that a first instalment has been paid and an instalment plan is in place – as per the detailed instructions on the order confirmation email.

• The first file is for the use of the purchaser subject to our license/copyright conditions and T & C.  – see below for more details

• After the 48 hour day cooling off period, no refund will be provided.

Printing the course files:  We no longer provide printed copies of the files owing to the amount of students enrolling and to the fact that our courses are quite comprehensive and detailed.  It just became too time consuming – we couldn’t keep up.  To continue to print & post them them would have meant increasing the staffing levels and therefore the fees.

  • Most of our students seem to prefer to work from the printed page. With the exception of The ABRS CPD Responsible Groom course, you may print one copy of the course material. You will need no more than a ream/packet of paper (under £5 in most supermarkets) and one ink cartridge.
  • The pages are set up so that they have a larger margin on the left of each page to enable you to read all the text when printed and filed in a folder.

Cancellation Procedures

  1. Send written cancellation explaining why the course is not for you, send this to the address provided by the Lingfield administration office, together with the hard copy of the email on which the downloads were provided.
  2. It must be received by Lingfield within 48 hours of your receipt of the email containing the download link – or the email with first course file/s attached.
  3. This cancellation must be posted by UK standard 1st class mail to the address provided by the office administrator. 
  4. Do NOT pay for ‘guaranteed delivery’ or or ‘signed for’ etc. 
  5. DO obtain ‘proof of posting’.
  6. There is no cancellation or refund option with purchase of the Equine First Aid Course or the Training Your Horse course.
  7. Digital downloads re subject to specific regulations. According to UK regulations refunds are not available once the digital file has been paid for. 

Normal Procedures for course delivery are: There must be a gap of 14 days after confirmation of the first file being saved, opened and confirmed as OK, before future files may be requested.

Then 10 day intervals between each file confirmed as received and next request being made. This, in the tutors’ opinions, provides sufficient time for full research projects to be undertaken and for the student to have made their own file of notes on each topic within the file.

With instalments however, requests may only be made at monthly intervals subject to receipt of instalment payments.

Copyright – more details

Use of any part of the course is restricted to personal use only, it cannot be shared, forwarded or copied and stored on any other device or used in any way by any other person. It must not be transcribed in part or in adulterated form. One printed copy only may be made and held by the purchaser/student, unless under agreement with the owner Lingfield Correspondence. Lingfield will follow up on such digital or printed copies made and distributed outside this agreement, and will take action against the purchaser and any subsequent user.

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