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Paying for someone else

Before paying you must be aware of the following requirements:

  1. You will be asked to tick that you have read the Terms & Conditions – and if paying for someone else, ticking this box this means you agree to be sure they have read and will agree to abide by all Procedures and the Terms & Conditions. You also agree to ensure the student understands the full implication of the Terms and Conditions and Procedures.  Printable copies are available via the Terms & Conditions page.

Student Contact required:

2. Even if the student is under 13/14, the student MUST (on the same day) contact us personally directly from their own email address – or via an adult’s if they are not old enough to register for an email address.

Without receipt of this direct contact and completed ‘involvement form’ as described below we will not accept any student.

They must tell us:

Their name and address, age, name  of the course on which you are enrolling them and must provide details of the person/organisation paying for their course, the name of their dedicated adult.

They must also provide aims or reason for undertaking the course and brief involvement with horses. A full and detailed history of their involvement will be required on an in-house involvement form – this must be completed by the student themselves in their own words.

Subsequent contact for all under 16’s must be made by an appointed responsible adult who will be the main contact person for the course.  All files must be requested by and sent to the responsible adult who will oversee the course for the under 16 student.

The above is for our benefit and is the result of several issues and confusing incidents regarding how the courses work in the past, along with loss of files, lack of contact and incorrectly followed procedures which caused extremely time consuming general problems for our admin staff regarding our dedicated course procedures.  These ‘procedures’ are in place to help all courses run smoothly and to save administration time and to assist students in achieving their goal.

You must also be aware of the following:

  1. We cannot/will not activate the course until we have personal contact from the student – we need an email in their own words. No matter what age or circumstances, their contact must be in their own words and must provide all the details stated above. It is insufficient for them for example simply to state – ‘this is my email address’

  2. They will, soon after or during enrolment, be asked to personally complete in their own words a more detailed involvement in horses form using Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.   This is a mandatory requirement.

  3. We require this contact & form directly from the student in their own words.  This will enable us to establish if they have suitable language and communication skill levels to work on this course and to enable us to accept them as a student.  It enables our tutor to work with the student at a suitable level.

  4. It will help us and the student if you – the person paying – advise us from the start if there are any difficulties with dyslexia or reading/learning or restrictions to the internet because any of these issues will affect their working on the course and achieving a successful result.  Such issues, difficulties and restrictions can usually be overcome providing we are aware of them in advance.

We do not want to restrict the entry age to 16 or terminate enrolment on a course, but previous issues with some young people under 16 have proved so time consuming we may have to re-consider.

It IS possible to use a phone for these courses but a keyboard and laptop/ipad would be better.  If using a mobile device students must also be able to save documents and use form.

Students must be able to

  1. Print documents
  2. Use Adobe forms and
  3. Save files to Adobe Acrobat

here is a help video

Access to course files for visually impaired – available on request.


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