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Read More – RS1 Entry Requirements & More

Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum age 16 yrs
  • Motivation and keen interest in horses and training them
  • Good research skills required throughout
  • Read Course Info pages and Terms and Conditions
  • Enrolling someone else:
    • If enrolling & paying for someone else – please see last few paragraphs of this page


  • Payment in full / instalments / file delivery:
    • Online enrolments in full will immediately be sent a time limited download link.
    • You need to download & save your course file before it expires (not just open – Save)
    • Each click downloads a copy & it runs out after 6 clicks so be sure to save it somewhere safe.
    • Instalment options: Instalments restrict future file delivery on a month by month basis.
      •  UK bank account holders only – Standing order set up is required prior to course activation. Detailed form is provided on checkout & pay first instalment payment.
      • Paypal:  We do not accept student initiated card or monthly Paypal payments. An alternative is 4 only Paypal recurring instalment payments which can only be set up by us via our office which incurs a small fee.
      • At checkout, if relevant, UNTICK  ‘student details different from billing’ which avoids completing your details twice.

At checkout

    • If paying for yourself, at checkout  UNTICK  ‘student details different from billing’ which avoids having to complete your details twice
    • If paying for someone else note the last few paragraphs on this page.

The benefits of this combined course / programme are:

  • 2 full courses at a subsidised fee – 1 covering Riding & improving your horse and the other covering equine care & management.
  • No fixed completion dates.
  • Free personal tutor for every student.
  • Fast track option for experienced people.
    • Fast Track means:  You may request Study Pack files 1 – 5 more quickly and wiz through topics you are familiar with whilst taking time over others.  (only available if paid in full)
  • Total flexibility to fit in with your family and your life.
  • Level 1 Equine Care & Management is considered to be the most comprehensive distance learning programme in the equine industry at this level today.
  • The Schooling course is a finely tuned & detailed riding / schooling exercises course which aims to help riders improve their horses work on the flat and when jumping and maintain enthusiasm and interest.
  • Optional upgrade to an ‘Intermediate Diploma (Schooling)’ for an introductory fee of £68

You have the confidence that the authors of these courses have BHS professional qualifications and personal experience – they have been there and done it – they speak from experience not just from a classroom lecture podium.  They have trained and backed young horses, they have trained and assessed BHS Stages exam candidates, they have taught novice and experienced riders over a number of years, they have ridden and competed – some to Grand Prix level.  You also have security in the knowledge that Lingfield Correspondence has been a professional BHS based Training Provider since 1996.

This programme will help you :

Improve your riding skills

Improve your equine care & management skills

  • Update & broaden your skills all round
  • Increase your insight into the finer points of advanced rider aids
  • Update or broaden your knowledge in both riding & equine management
  • Work towards achieving better results in competitions
  • Improve your horse’s suppleness, bends, softness, response and general way of going
  • Gain certificates & proof of your knowledge

Ideal for  The private owner   :   The Prospective owner  :  BHS Stages   :   ABRS UKCC   :   UK Coaching qualifications   :   Livery Yard Managers



All tutor assessed assignments, certificates & awards are optional but you could achieve:

  • Level 1 ‘Equine Care & Management Certificate’
  • ‘Training Your Horse’ Certificate
  • If you upgrade to the ID programme you could opt to receive a certificate for each course (Level 1, 2 & Train your Own Horse) and the “Intermediate Diploma in Equine Care & Management (+Training)”
  • Admin fee for optional tutor assessed assignments £15 / £19 Paypal/overseas


  • Level 1 contains 7 modules – another 7in Level 2  if you upgrade.
  • Between 250 & 500+ hours of study time depending on student input.
  • A very comprehensive and broad-ranging programme covering in some depth, everything the horse owner and rider would need on a day to day basis.
  • On average, those with family, work, horses and a life to live complete one module a month.
  • With prior knowledge some complete easily within 6 months.
  • One short practical session, overseen by a local instructor of your choice, must be undertaken to gain Certification in Level 1 – see syllabus

Tutor:  P. Clements & S. Caddy

Delivery of course material:

To your email address.

In line with most national college courses, file/module delivery is via pdf files. Requires use of Free App: Adobe Reader for Windows or ipad. You will require this to enrol if paying in instalments.

Full details here

It IS possible to use a phone for these courses but a keyboard and laptop/ipad would be better.  If using a mobile device students must also be able to save documents and use form.  Students must be able to

  1. Print documents
  2. Use Adobe forms and
  3. Save files to Adobe Acrobat

here is a help video

NOTE:  The link you will receive to after enrolment enables you to download the first file.  That link is time limited – it runs out in just a few days.  It is also download restricted – you can only click to download a few times – therefore, you MUST be able save the file.

Beneficial to successful completion of the course is:  a keyboard, and a printer if you prefer to work from the printed page (average use: 1 toner / 2 cartridge); An internet connection via computer/similar device enabling completion of assignments and access to Lingfield’s online cloud system for tutor checked assignments.

Restrictions to course files apply on a monthly/payment basis with instalment plans, and to specialist courses within an ID programme.
Completion restrictions may occasionally apply with government, educational organisation or company funding.

Paying for someone else:

Before paying you will be asked to tick that you have read the Terms & Conditions –

if paying for someone else ticking this box this means you agree to be sure they have read, understand and will agree to abide by all copyright laws, Procedures and the Terms & Conditions. Printable copies are available via the Terms & Conditions page.

If you are paying for & enrolling someone else, the student MUST (on the same day) contact us personally directly from their own email address.  They must state their name and address, details of the course on which you are enrolling them and must provide details of the person/organisation paying for their course.

Note:  We cannot/will not activate the course until we have this personal contact from the student.

It will help us and the student if the tutor is made aware of dyslexia or learning difficulties.

Access to course files for visually impaired – available on request.

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