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Level 1 & Psychology course – amazed and fascinated

Keen novice from Leicestershire:   I only discovered horses 9 months ago but am well and truly hooked. Although not a horse owner, on the practical side I am now looking after a horse 3 days a week as well as having riding lessons every week. I was utterly amazed and fascinated to read in the course about their behaviour and then to actually see the exact same behaviour in the flesh.

I now have a much better understanding of horses. If they misbehave it is not necessarily because they are nervy, highly strung animals as I had been led to believe. It could well be their past management or even current management. With my new understanding, time and patience, I can hopefully, eventually learn what is wrong or upsetting the horse. I do need to know more about the management as it is this which causes so many problems. I was encouraged to enrol on the Level 1 course as well and now realise that I should indeed have done as suggested by the Lingfield people – I have enrolled this week.

The course notes provided detailed and interesting reading and are understandable even though I am not yet a horse owner. I need that extra care & management knowledge to help correct or improve the behaviour. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and am very keen to learn more theory. Thank you so much    Jul 15

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