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Gail West BHSAI Bedfordshire

Gail – tutor

Nearly 10 years ago Gail worked full time whilst retraining part time to become an instructor:  “Lingfield Correspondence courses have proved invaluable in gaining my BHS Stages exams – both the riding (via tips from my tutor and confidence in general) and horse knowledge sections. The courses provided me with comprehensive packs of information combined with research topics.  They are easy to read and have a really friendly approach unlike the usual style of course material.  Tutors in The Lingfield Instructor Group are always there for you if you need extra help and support.  My tutor was always keen to hear how I was getting on with my practical training for the professional exams”

Gail has now gained her BHSAI  and Stage 4 training is underway. Gail has given up work and is enjoying her new teaching career.  Congratulations Gail from everyone at Lingfield. 2011-2013

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