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Level 1 – Opened up new doors for me

Marie – Scotland:  I am enjoying this course a lot and it is only my first Study Pack. I am also reading books about all the aspects of the first Pack. It is really good to do this course because I work full time and have a horse on share so I like learning in my own time. The livery stables where the horse is kept have offered to help me with the practical session suggestions given in the course. I also have contacted the Riding for the Disabled group near me to do some instructor training which I am looking forward to.

This course has opened up new doors for me and I hope to proceed to work with horses as a paid job.

A few months later, Marie’s course tutor heard from her again:

Dear Paula, I am really getting on fine with the course. The horse we recently bought wasn’t in great shape, but now she is coming along in leaps and bounds. Our other horse is doing great as well, but she gets stressed at times, so I eagerly read the psychology section of the course and it helped me understand the way she was acting. It has helped a great deal. Thank you.   Marie 1998

Lingfield:  I am so pleased that you have more of an understanding now Marie which will enable you to help the other horse so that both of you handle the stress better.  Keep at it.  Paula


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