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The course has helped so much with the yard bully.

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Have the confidence to care for your own horse

The course has helped so much. I’ve been struggling with a lady at the yard who is very experienced. She is bossy and keeps criticising the way I and others do things. I am confused about who is right and who is wrong now.

I’ve been avoiding going down the yard when she is there. It even made me miss days when I could easily go there just because she was there. Taking this course has helped a lot though. I am now feeling much more confident in my abilities. I get on and do it the way I now know is right. Thank you.
Name withheld & review is not connected in any way with the person in this photo.

We are so pleased we could help.  As your tutor I am glad the course has given you the confidence to ignore this person now. You are not alone and can always contact us for help if you need to. We are here to support and advise.

The yard bully or ‘bossy boots’ is a real problem in many places.  Always remember, you are not alone – we can give you the confidence to take control. The ‘bully’ or ‘bossy boots’ often prey on new owners who are not so confident yet. They may take them under their wing and it is not for some time that the new owner begins to realise they and their horse are virtually being controlled. It may also be a while before the new owner realises that the ‘bully’ / ‘bossy boots’ doesn’t really know as much as originally assumed.

Lingfield says: Tina Bettison has further help here for dealing with the yard Bully

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