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First Aid course – Thoroughly enjoyed it

Novice owner:   I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and learnt so much that I now feel able to administer first aid. The first aid kit was brilliant. I realised there were quite a few bits missing from my own kit.

Wound types and how to dress them and the bandaging were all very helpful. Doing some of the dressings on yourself also makes you realise about bandaging to tightly. Watching the poultice you tube video was really good, it helped to see it actually done.

I found it helpful to go through the basic treatments for some medical conditions (Ailments) as I never really knew about treating them before.  All in all this course has been very interesting and helpful. I hope to never have an emergency, touch wood, but if I do I feel that this course has given me the tools to deal with the emergency in hand and also the confidence. Thank you. Oct 2017

Equine First Aid & Ailments course

Theresa C – Summer 2017

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