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Confidence course

Kate Ensor, a trainer based in Luxembourg completed the Confidence course: …. The Ride With More Confidence Course is excellent. It’s extremely thorough and comprehensive. It offers something for individuals of every learning style:  theory, plenty of practical material to try yourself (plus a 1-to-1 coaching session), personal reflection and action planning.

The confidence course is useful for riding instructors or coaches who work with nervous learners as well as for riders facing their own confidence demons.

When I began the course I would have described myself as fitting both of those categories.  ‘Ride With More Confidence’ has really helped me move forward and achieve ‘what it says on the tin’.

It was also extremely reassuring to know that many other riders misplace their confidence on occasion – this is a bit of a taboo subject especially for instructors.  Having completed the course, and feeling equipped to help myself and others rediscover their inner confidence, I feel more prepared to talk openly about these issues because I know I have the resources at hand to address the situation.

I highly recommend this course.  I would encourage anyone who enrols, to take up the free one to one Skype coaching session with Martin or Emma. Working through some of the techniques with a coach really helps to bring them to life and increase the impact.

Lingfield:  Thank you Kate for this interesting and useful feedback.  We are so pleased you found the course of benefit.  Most people have confidence problems at one time or another during their riding career.  It is pleasing to know that more and more people are now able to talk about this sort of issue.  Working with supportive people like Martin Murphy or Emma Corbett to help people through their confidence crisis is so rewarding for us all at Lingfield.

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