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BHS Stage 2


by Hazel Reed  –   Currently out of stock


This textbook covers the British Horse Society’s Stage Two Examination.  It is the third in a series taking the student/candidate to their Preliminary Teaching/Instructor level.


The book works through the syllabus and gives full explanations of the British Horse Society’s Stage Two examination. It takes the reader through the day of the exam step by step.


About the Author


Hazel Reed is a British Horse Society Assistant Instructor. Hazel started riding ponies at 9 years old, became obsessed very quickly and went on to train in various establishments around the country. She competed at Cross-country events, dressage and show jumping, though dressage is now her love.


Hazel has worked in different yards including as a racing yard and an agricultural college. Hazel rides and works with her amazing dressage horse Eeyore II and was invited to take part in the Queens Golden Jubilee Celebrations.  Together with her love of horses she enjoys writing and is working on several books including horse textbooks.

Strongly recommended for professional students taking Stages 1, 2 & 3.

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