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Equine Care & Management – Level 1

Equine Care & Management – Level 1


Skill Level Equivalent to Further Education Level 1 - 2
No. of Units / Modules 7
Total Hours 150 - 250 dependent on student input. Average 6 months @ 6 hrs a week.
Course Duration Totally flexible. No completion date.
No Attendance or Study Weeks Totally flexible. No completion date.

Lingfield Equine Care & Management Level 1

Level 1 Equine care & management distance learning course on a step by step basis.  Explanations on horse care in easy to read non text book language.

Lingfield Distance Learning means:

Work at your own speed in your own time – no rush, no hassle.

No fixed completion dates.  Take as long as you like to complete.

Enrol online – start immediately.  No waiting –  get going today.

  • If enrolling another person – please see the foot of this page

Lingfield’s Level 1 equine care & management course really is value for money – it covers far more equine related information than expected.  Considered the most comprehensive equine care & management distance learning course available in the UK at this level.

7 modules with assignments, multiple learning tasks and research projects.

Module length between 70 and 115 pages

Level 1 Total  length    114,477 words

Level 1 syllabus

Many who viewed this course enrolled instead on the  Intermediate Diploma

Friendly one to one tutor for every student.  Hands on personal tutor  contact – we do not simply offer online assessment.

Optional final assignment for Certification.
This equine distance learning course is based on the BHS Stages theory and includes the BHS Horse Owner’s Certificates syllabus

Suitable for:
Weekly horse riders, non-owner / sharer / prospective horse owner / first / second time owner / career changers / updaters / home education.

Mature Students welcomed

Education, Training & Employment:

Ideal for possible/pre Neet youngsters with school/training support – shared course option – see below.  Useful for employers for traineeships or apprenticeships with a training company such as Keits or Equine Learning.

Based on BHS Stages & ABRS theory

  • All completed by home study.
  • Packed full of interesting and detailed professionaly produced information.
  • Horse ownership not required. BHS membership not required.
  • Work at your own speed in your own time. Print your course material if you wish.
  • The only equine care & management distance learning course with completely flexible completion date.
  • Option to achieve a Lingfield Certificate on completion of one final assignment.
  • All certificates with Lingfield Correspondence courses are entirely optional.

Free friendly personal tutor support

  • You can even call on your tutor for advice after you finish the course (your own personal help line!)
  • Your tutor works with you to help you achieve results and your final certificate.
  • Have as much or as little contact with your tutor as you wish.
  • Your tutor is there for you to help and advice whenever you need her. If you have dyslexia or learning difficulties please let your tutor know – only if they are aware can they assist you.

This programme will help you :

  • Update your equine skills – the right way
  • Update or broaden your management knowledge
  • Work towards an Intermediate Diploma in Equine Care & Management
  • Gain certification & proof of your equine management knowledge
  • Gain an insight into professional career development in the equine industry
  • Start learning today, just pay & go
  • Total flexibility with no start or finish dates
  • Professionally produced by industry experts
  • Presented in bite sized chunks for easy learning
  • Ideal for the less experienced riders & those with busy lives
  • Easy to read in plain English avoiding the usual equestrian text book language
  • A fast track option through Level 1 for the more experienced owners – subject to terms.

Should you take the Intermediate Diploma instead?

Before enrolling on this course why not look at upgrading to the subsidised ID programme at £348 / £58 a month.  it offers the full Level 1 AND 2 courses for less than the cost of the Level 2 course! …. That’s a no brainer for most people.

Reasons to enrol today:

Immediate start – no waiting.  Lingfield is the only equine distance learning course provider who offers totally flexible start and completion dates = no fixed completion date.

Our courses are altogether more comprehensive than other training courses or the BHS exam syllabus. Some courses  available in the industry today provide just enough detail to get people through the exams.

That might be OK for some and maybe for some youngsters just out of school but is not really sufficient for mature people wanting to get straight into work in the industry or run a yard.  The equine management courses give a broader, more overall and worldly view of most topics rather than just the text book unit by unit approach to learning. They have been added to and updated over the years so are now even more comprehensive than originally.

Before paying tick that you have read the Terms & Conditions which are not that long – and if paying for someone else ticking this means you agree to be sure they have read and agree to abide by all Procedures and the Terms & Conditions. Printable copies are available via the Terms & Conditions page.

Sharing  (available for Level 1 only)

  • For an extra £50 a second person can share the course material.
  • The sharer must ALSO personally complete an online enrolment/order but to avoid the payment pages, tick paying by phone.
  • Both students must email us personally & separately PRIOR to registering (or being registered) on this website to advise us of their name & address and the name and address of the person with whom they are aiming to share.
  • Only the main course person receives the copies of the course material. They may however, share their copy with the ‘sharer’. The main course person will from set up, be the registered person and the one to contact the Lingfield office about anything relating to the course.  The sharer must always work through the main course person not directly with the office.
  • The sharer also has the option to gain a certificate on successful completion of the final assignment.
  • Both students must work at the same speed and only the main person is able to request course material. If aiming for a Certificate, both must pay the admin fee and send in their final assignment on same day.
  • Possible Pre Neet youngsters require responsible adult to communicate and receive course files.
  • Important information for schools/training & skills groups:
    • If a school is enrolling 2 students, the school must appoint a responsible adult to oversee the initial setting up of the course for the students.
    • The students must email us directly prior to being registered – this contact is to enable us to clarify that their email account will accept our password protected files.
    • The appointed responsible adult must contact the Lingfield office in the first instance to introduce themselves and must assist the students and maintain regular contact with both the Lingfield office and the students until the course is up and running to the satisfaction of the Lingfield office.


All tutor assessed assignments, certificates & awards are optional:

  • Level 1 Equine Care & Management Certificate
  • Level 2 Equine Care & Management Certificate
  • Intermediate Diploma in Equine Care & Management
  • Admin fee for optional tutor assessed assignments £15 / £19 Paypal/overseas
  • One short practical session, overseen by a local instructor of your choice, must be undertaken to gain certification.  30 mins-1 hour.  This is mandatory if you are aiming for a certificate.


  •  7 modules.
  • Between 250 & 500+ hours of study time depending on student input.
  • A very comprehensive and broad-ranging equine management course covering in some depth, everything the horse owner would need on a day to day basis.
  • On average, those with family, work, horses and a life to live complete one equine course module a month.
  • With prior equine knowledge and previously undertaken research projects, some are able to complete within 4-6 months.

Tutor:  P.Clements / consultant F. Dent

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age 12 yrs – 10 with parental guidance
  • A love of horses and some access to horses locally
  • Motivation to learn and study, or previous equine experience
  • Assignments and some research required throughout plus a willingness to learn about horses. To complete assignments you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Instalment payments: Standing order set up is required prior to activation. Detailed form is provided when you complete checkout of first instalment payment.  (or view it on the Terms & Conditions page)
  • If aiming for a certificate part way through the course you must complete a basic practical tack session with an instructor of the required standard of qualification.

Delivery of course material:

To your email address.  Note:  Link to first course file will be sent to the Billing email address.  When you click confirm & pay (in full) – the billing email address will be sent an automated email with a link to download your first file.

If you are paying for someone else you must forward the email to them immediately – before the download link expires.

If you do not receive an email after 30 minutes, check your spam folder / mail the office – if we are open we will handle it as soon as possible.

How are files sent: 

Initial file on enrolment. Next file @ minimum 14 day interval.

See main Course Info page for full delivery details including fast track option.

In line with most national college courses, file/module delivery is via pdf files. Requires use of Free App: Adobe Reader for Windows or ipad.

Beneficial to successful completion of the course is:  a keyboard, and a printer if you prefer to work from the printed page (average use: 1 toner / 2 cartridge); An internet connection via computer/similar device enabling completion of assignments and access to Lingfield’s online cloud system for tutor checked assignments.

Restrictions to course files apply on a monthly/payment basis with instalment plans, and to specialist courses within an ID programme.
Completion restrictions may occasionally apply with government funding.

Paying for someone else:

Before paying you will be asked to tick that you have read the Terms & Conditions – and if paying for someone else ticking this box this means you agree to be sure they have read and will agree to abide by all Procedures and the Terms & Conditions. Printable copies are available via the Terms & Conditions page.

If you are paying for & enrolling someone else, the student MUST (on the same day) contact us personally directly from their own email address.  They must state their name and address, details of the course on which you are enrolling them and must provide details of the person/organisation paying for their course.

Note:  We cannot/will not activate the course until we have this personal contact from the student.

It will help us and the student if you can please let us know us if there are any difficulties with dyslexia or learning.

Access to course files for visually impaired – available on request.


  • Equine psychology and behaviour.
  • Care and requirements of the stabled horse.
  • Modern practices and general care relating stress.
  • Modern bedding materials, their management and uses. +*
  • Importance of routine relating to a stable yard and stabled horses.
  • Safety in stable, yard and when handling, riding and caring for equines.
  • Health & Safety in relation to equine management.
  • Points of the Horse+* Breeds and Types+* Colours and Markings+*
  • Buying a new horse/pony for the 1st or 2nd time buyer.
  • What to do when your new horse arrives.
  • Passports for horses. Approved Livery Yards.
  • Livery Yard guidance.
  • Sample livery contracts.
  • Reasons for shoeing & regular farrier visits.
  • Problems caused by irregular attention to feet.
  • Grooming – Reasons and principles.
  • Strapping and quartering.
  • Signs of Health and Ill Health.
  • When to call the vet. The horses relationship with the vet.
  • 1st Aid. Know the Norm.
  • Minor injuries and ailments – modern products for injuries+*
  • Feeding and Watering – Rules and explanations.
  • Types of Feed and their uses
  • Cereals / straights mixes & cubes/nuts – what to use and when.
  • Feeding for light work.
  • Manufacturer’s advertising leaflets+*
  • Feed products +*  Names and what they mean.
  • Hay, Haylage, Horsehage – the differences – use and storage.
  • Care of the horse at grass.
  • Fields and Paddocks suitable for horses and ponies.
  • Worming – modern approaches, lab tests.+*
  • Tack & tack fitting – nosebands/martingales etc.+*
  • Rugs and rugging – fitting of rugs in detail.
  • Bits & bitting. Types and reasons for use. Importance of fit.+*
  • Care of tack. Problems cause by ill-fitting tack.
  • Saddles & saddle fitting * in depth saddle fitting assignment.
  • Practical: 30 minute Tack Session required – see below.
  • Road Safety* courtesy.
  • Preparation for road riding.
  • Towing Trailers.
  • Returning from a ride – Care of the hot horse – modern approaches+*

+* Denotes research project is also required & in Study Pack 4 a Tack Session with a local instructor is mandatory.

* The Lingfield Student Research folder is an online application filled with relevant articles and information.

Note: Those who viewed this course invariably enrol on the ‘Intermediate Diplomas’.

The ‘ID’ programmes include both the Level 1 & Level 2 courses and the fee is very little more. This is because the ID Fees are subsidised by Lingfield Correspondence.

Many of the above topics are covered in the recommended reading book for this course:

Points of the Horse  & Ailments Lumps & Bumps charts are available from this web site. Buy both charts for reduced price.

Alternative books – especially useful for professional students:

The Practical Tack Session: To achieve a certificate, this practical session must be undertaken with a local instructor of your choice. The local qualified instructor must be to the required standard of BHSAI or equivalent ABRS instructor. There is no alternative and this is mandatory for those aiming for a Certificate. Detailed information and paperwork/form for signature by the instructor will be sent with Study Pack 4. When you reach this stage, we can point you in the right direction to find names of instructors if you have had difficulty locating one.

Overseas Students must also undertake this with a similarly qualified instructor. e.g. International Instructors Level 1 Qualification is equivalent to BHSAI.

See IGEQ for various international qualifications

Overseas students in countries where the IGEQ or local qualifications system is not in place:  If you cannot find anyone suitable to oversee your Tack Session or do not wish to gain a certificate/diploma we will send you a form to sign to say that you are waiving that certificate option and we will happily accept that you do not undertake the tack session but can complete the courses without certification.

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