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Intermediate Diploma (ID + Equine Psychology & Behaviour)

Intermediate Diploma (ID + Equine Psychology & Behaviour)


Skill Level Skill Level = Further Education Level 2-3
Number of units/modules 16
Total Hours 350 / 650 dependent on student input
Course Duration Totally flexible - no completion dates. Contact required periodically to maintain an active course.
No Attendance or Study Weeks required Conducted by home study

Intermediate Diploma with specialist subject Equine Psychology & Behaviour – ID3

Combines 3 courses in one enrolment £408 (subsidised fee) with fast track option for experienced people.

Comprehensive 3 course programme containing equine management Levels 1 & 2 & Specialist Course on Equine Psychology & Behaviour.

Suitable for experienced people as well as motivated, enthusiastic rider just beyond novice rider standard.

What’s in it for me?

Enrol now – immediate start.  Automated receipt of course files.  No waiting.

The benefits of this combined programme are:

Free personal tutor for every student.

Total flexibility to fit in with your family and your life.  No fixed completion dates.

Instalment option available – see dropdown list above Enrol.  Initial Payment via card.  Standing order set up via UK Bank account is required prior to activation.  Detailed form provided when you complete checkout of first instalment payment.

You have the confidence that the authors of these courses have BHS & ABRS professional qualifications and personal experience – they have been there and done it – they speak from experience.  The Equine Behaviour course author and tutor Hannah, is a BHS instructor with a broad range of experience in running yards and training horses and riders. Hannah currently runs a thriving professional equine physio practice.

Hannah Haskew gained an BSc in Equine Science with a Psychology speciality and won the Eqvalan Thesis of the Year award in 2003. For her Masters Project Hannah researched the use of Kinesio Tape on horses hocks to see it could encourage greater flexion. Hannah runs a practice in Derbyshire and is a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist.

You also have security in the knowledge that Lingfield Correspondence has been a professional BHS based Training Provider since 1996.

Levels 1 & 2 are based on the BHS professional Stages theory but more in depth.

  • Considered the most comprehensive equine care & management distance learning programme available in the UK at this level.
  • Level 1  is an astonishing total length:  114,500 words
  • Level 2 is an extensive total length:  109,000 words

Check the fully detailed syllabus for each course below

  1. Level 1 Equine Care & Management
  2. Level 2 Equine Care & Management
  3. Specialist Course 3 covering Equine Psychology & Behaviour

Professionally produced by equine industry experts – yet with a friendly and informal, step by step approach to distance learning.

  • Flexibility to work at your own speed in your own time
  • Easy to read and easy to learn course material
  • Comprehensive up to date equine studies.
  • Ideal for experienced owners to refresh / update
  • The novice and less experienced will broaden their knowledge.
  • Take a break when life gets hectic – pick it up again when things are more settled
  • Immediate start via website – and yet No rush – no hassle
  • Totally flexible start if you wish – with no completion dates
  • Free one to one friendly tutor support throughout
  • Ongoing support after you complete your course.
  • Multiple interesting tasks and assignments with self assessment guides throughout.  To complete assignments you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • 16 modules
  • Optional final marked assignments for Certification & Diploma

Approximately 1600 pages of easy to read text within these 16 modules/sections or study packs. The Level 1 course within this programme has been identified as the most comprehensive equine distance learning course available at this level today.

Study Procedures:

We prefer students taking this programme to have working knowledge of good equine management. For the specialist course material to have sufficient clarity to the student undertaking a 3 course programme and to ensure a good grounding in all round equine management, at least 3 Study Packs (modules) of the Level 1 Equine Care & Management course must be completed before working seriously on the specialist course SC3 .

Final assignments:

The final Section (module) of the specialist course may only be requested on completion of Level 1, and the final SC5 Assignment should be sent in only on completion of Level 2. All assignments require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

By taking this course you could:

Update your skills – the right way
Update or broaden your knowledge
Achieve Intermediate Diploma level
Gain certification & proof of your knowledge
Gain an insight into professional career development

Reasons to enrol with Lingfield today:

  • Achieve your goal and get one step ahead of the rest.
  • Total flexibility – with no start or finish dates
  • Professionally produced by industry experts
  • Presented in bite sized chunks for easy learning
  • Ideal for the less experienced & those with busy lives
  • Easy to read in plain English avoiding text book language
  • Instalment payments:  *Via UK Bank accounts  –
    • Standing order set up is required prior to activation.  Detailed form provided when you complete checkout of first instalment payment.
  • If you are enrolling someone apart from yourself, the student MUST (on the same day) contact us directly from their own email address.  They must state their name and address, details of the course on which you are enrolling them and must provide details of the person/organisation paying for their course.

Ideal for

NVQ : BHS Stages : ABRS Levels : UK Coaching qualifications : Livery Yard Managers : Career changers : Anyone with an enduring interest in the behaviour of horses.

NEW:   Are you a member of any professional organisation yet?

We offer optional sponsored membership available to The British Grooms Association on request – a professional body for equestrian people of all standards. Car sticker & membership card.  Under our agreement with the BGA, you pay £4 only for this membership.


All tutor assessed assignments, certificates & awards are optional:

  1. ‘Level 1 Equine Care & Management Certificate’
  2. ‘Level 2 Equine Care & Management Certificate’
  3. Specialist Course 3 ‘Equine Psychology & Behaviour’ Certificate.

‘Intermediate Diploma in Equine Care & Management (Psychology)’
Admin fee for tutor assessed assignments £15 / £19 Paypal/overseas


  • Level 1 & 2 contain 7 modules each. SC3 Contains 2
  • Between 300 & 650+ hours of study time depending on student input.
  • On average, those with family, work, horses and a life to live complete one module a month.
  • With prior knowledge and handling ability some are able to complete within 6- 8 months.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age 16 yrs
    • If enrolling somone else please note the last few paragraphs of this page.
  • Experience in all round equine management & good handling ability
  • Good research skills required throughout

Lingfield has been recognised as an industry established course provider since 1996. Trade Member of BHS & BETA. Well qualified BHS instructors/tutors. Member of the Register of UK Learning Providers. Literally hundreds of satisfied students – worldwide.


To your email address – see Frequently Asked Questions for more detail

Note:  Link to first file will be sent to the Billing email address. When you click confirm & pay – you will be sent an automated email. The email contains a file download link.  If you do not receive any email, check your spam folder.

See main Course Info page for full delivery details including fast track option.

Instalments:  During the enrolment process you will receive an email giving instructions on setting up the payments – these instructions & standing order must be completed prior to starting your course.

Beneficial to successful completion of the course is:  a keyboard, and a printer if you prefer to work from the printed page (average use: 1 toner / 2 cartridge); An internet connection via computer/similar device enabling completion of assignments and access to Lingfield’s online cloud system for tutor checked assignments.

Initial file on enrolment. Next file @ minimum 14 day interval. In line with national colleges, Lingfield course material will require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To DOWNLOAD your free Adobe Reader App click the logo


Ipad Iphone Android etc

Restrictions on Delivery of course material:

Delivery restrictions apply on a monthly/payment basis with instalment plans and to SC (specialist courses) within an Intermediate Diploma programme.
Completion restrictions may occasionally apply with government funding.

Before paying you will be asked to tick that you have read the Terms & Conditions – and if paying for someone else ticking this box this means you agree to be sure they have read and will agree to abide by all Procedures and the Terms & Conditions. Printable copies are available via the Terms & Conditions page.

NOTE: Students must contact us personally during the enrolment process via their own email address to enable us to activate their course fully.

ACCESS: Option to access course files for screen reader devices for those who are visually impaired – available on request.

The fee for this programme is subsidised by Lingfield Correspondence

  • Introduction to horse behaviour
  • Suggested reading
  • The importance of freedom and turnout
  • Behaviour of a wild herd
  • A horse’s reaction to fear
  • Horses and stress – what it means & what it does
  • The horses senses and body language
  • The horse’s mind
  • How horses learn
  • Reinforcement – positive and negative
  • Communicating with the horse – the how and why.
  • “Problem” horses – what are they – why are they – what to do.
  • General care and safety relating to psychology and stress
  • What are “Horse Training” “Horse Training” and “Natural Horsemanship”?
  • This course provides an ideal stepping stone as an approach to natural horsemanship methods

This course is also available as an individual enrolment (SC3)



Hannah Haskew  BHSAI, EEBWII, BSc(Hons), PgDip AM, PgDip VetPhys, MMAA, MNAVP

Short Course Tutor/Consultant.

Co-author and consultant for the Equine Psychology & Behaviour course.  Author of the Livery Yard Managers course.

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