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Specialist Course Equine Feeding and Nutrition (SC5)

Specialist Course Equine Feeding and Nutrition (SC5)


Skill Level Skill Level 2
Number of units/modules 3
Total Hours 25 / 45 - dependent on student input
Course Duration Totally flexible - no completion dates. Contact required periodically to maintain an active course.
No Attendance or Study Weeks required Conducted by home study + ability to access to horses locally

Equine Feeding and Nutrition

This specialist Equine Feeding & Nutrition course is ideal for the average horse owner. Also ideal for those running their own yard who wish to specialise in equine nutrition and advise their clients on the best feeding regime for their individual horse.

This distance learning course offers free tutor support which means it is also suitable for those with less knowledge on feeding and overall equine management. However, we have to admit that some knowledge of the basics of different types of cereal feeds etc., will be helpful.

If that equine feeding knowledge is lacking at the moment, to get the grounding and detail of ‘straights’ and ‘compound’ on board as well, we suggest the ID5 programme – this way you can work the two courses in unison and it will make SC5 much clearer.

  • This equine feeding course is therefore, not just for the experienced groom, stable manager or owner but also caters for those who may be reasonably new to feeding horses and ponies.
  • We have tried to use easy to understand language and terminology and to avoid complicated terms as far as possible.

In this course you will be introduced to the best route to providing well balanced nutritious diets for a variety of horses and ponies. When combined with good equine care and management, your newly learned equine feeding & nutrition skill will result in healthy, happy and stress free horses.

Maintaining a happy and relaxed frame of mind helps to produce horses and ponies who really enjoy their work and show a willingness to please.

Feedback has been very positive for this course.

  • Angela Murphy (pictured below with Connemara Heather) is enrolled on the ID5 programme which contains this course, said :
  • I learned an awful lot doing the course – though I didn’t expect to be so slow doing it!! It was great once I got into it! Thanks again and I look forward to continuing my studies!

Connemara Heather and Angela

  • 3 modules
  • Multiple learning tasks and assignments.
  • Self assessment, research projects
  • Optional final assignment for Certification (tutor assessed)
  • Admin fee for optional tutor assessed assignments £15 / £19 Paypal/overseas
  • Course Fees: Instalments available – *Via UK Bank accounts-
    • Standing order set up is required prior to activation.  Detailed form provided when you complete checkout of first instalment payment.

Option to achieve Certificate on completion:

  • Specialist course Certificate ‘Equine Feeding & Nutrition’

NOTE:  When used as part of the Intermediate Diploma programme (ID5), provides the majority of the theory for Stage 1 & 2.  ID’s offer subsidised fees & option of 4 certificates/Diploma


READ MORE – SC5 – Entry Requirements etc.


Equine Feeding & Nutrition Syllabus

This course covers the following topics in depth:

  • Information and details of different types of feed in common use today;
  • The basic make up of feed and how the various constituents are used by the body;
  • Constituents of feeds how they react on the bodily systems;
  • Descriptions, make up and detailed use of various types of bulk high fibre food such as Hay, Haylage and Horsehage.
  • Explanations and detail on how to feed different horses with different life styles;
  • Full information and details on how to select the right sort of feed for a particular horse;
  • Risks encountered with behavioural and health problems if a horse is fed incorrectly, the wrong balance of feed, wrong type of food or a poorly balanced diet;
  • How to prevent these things going wrong;
  • Preparing feed charts for a number of horses;
  • The importance of vitamins and minerals and the use of additives;


The Syllabus also includes:

  • Course Introduction
  • Study guides etc.
  • Assignments are provided throughout the course
  • Introduction to feeding
  • Dictionary of Feeding Terms
  • The horse’s digestive system
  • How horses eat in the wild and how it relates to feeding your horse
  • Importance of keeping feeding as natural as possible
  • Types of food split into 3 easy sections or categories
  • The basics of feeds and requirements for a healthy diet
  • Rules of feeding and reasons for rules
  • Working out how much to feed
  • Behavioural problems associated with feeding
  • Additives and supplements (vitamins and minerals)
  • Feeding for specific situations, young, old/veteran, in-foal etc.
  • Ill health problems associated with feeding, i.e. Laminitis, Colic etc.
  • Worming
  • Teeth
  • Final assignment may be sent in for Certification – plenty of tutor help with this.

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