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Specialist Course ‘Ride With More Confidence’

Specialist Course ‘Ride With More Confidence’


Skill Level Skill Level 2
Number of units/modules 3
Total Hours 25 / 45 - dependent on student input
Course Duration Totally flexible - no completion dates. Contact required periodically to maintain an active course.
No Attendance or Study Weeks required Conducted by home study + ability to access to horses locally

This equine course is full of helpful tools to aid all standards of horse rider become riding confident or even more confident in their ability to achieve and win.  It is the culmination of knowledge and techniques developed by Martin Murphy over nearly a decade of working specifically with horse riders and riding instructors on issues of confidence and peak performance.

This specialist course SC1 was originally produced by Martin Murphy (NLP Master) as a presentation for a training day held by the BHS for their BHS Instructors. With this distance learning course however, Martin is supported by his very experienced partner rider/trainer Emma Corbett (NLP).

The aim of the original course was twofold.  1st to enable instructors to instill confidence into clients who were wavering for one reason or another, and secondly to provide them with coaching tools to provide clients with a way to achieve more success in competitions.

However, riders themselves have taken to this course like a duck to water and have used it for their own benefit and as a booster for more confidence with difficult horses. Emma Corbett’s support and input in this area has been brilliant and well received by students.

We welcome enrolments from:

  • Individual horse riders from riding school rider to competition riders
  • Professional equine coaches/trainers.

This is a course for

  • Achieving success
  • For career development for the enlightened instructor.
  • Includes continued practical self improvement & involvement with assignments, self assessment
  • An optional final assignment for Certification.

The knowledge and techniques included on the course have helped literally thousands of riders be more confident and / or get the mental edge in competition.

The course tutors Martin Murphy & Emma Corbett train both here and in Europe at international standard. Martinhas contributed regularly to Horse & Rider magazine and his work has featured in many other media worldwide. Along with this Martin has worked with the BHS on instructor training.

The benefits for instructors/coaches are:

  • The use of modern ‘mind training’ ideas to help clients overcome unspoken ridden confidence issues.
  • Gain new mind blowing tools and help competition clients achieve new heights.
  • Increase your client base by using new tools and winning skills.
  • Become the enlightened instructor with that special insight that your clients will talk about.

The benefits for riders can be enormous – so much more confidence in themselves and their horse.

Sometimes the instructor can see there is a confidence issue although the rider has yet to admit it. Often it is never discussed.  In fact it is ignored and the rider never moves forwards.

Martin and Emma are your personal coaches – and the course comes with a free skype session.

Ideal for horse riders who want to compete and win, or overcome those frustrating times when confidence eludes them. 

  • With this tool you can work on it yourself or you can enlist the help of an enlightened instructor.

Do you wonder why you never quite achieve what you feel is the best from jumping that course or riding that dressage test?

Maybe you have just a little flutter of tummy wobbles, nerves, panic?

Maybe it is downright fear that you feel on occasion.

Whatever the situation, this course talks you through & gives you tools to remove those feelings.

  • It shows you how to choose and use modern mind training methods.
  • It gives you the tools and shows you exactly how to achieve your goal or to overcome those episodes and achieve results you thought were beyond you.
  • A performance coach in your head.

Feedback from students has been excellent – ‘life saving’

What is in it for me?

Enrol now – immediate start.  Automated receipt of course files.  No waiting.

The benefits of this combined programme are:

Total flexibility to fit in with your family and your life.  No fixed completion dates.

You have the confidence that the author’s of these courses have BHS & NLP professional qualifications and personal experience – they have been there and done it – they speak from experience.  The Ride With More Confidence course author is highly qualified and trains internationally.

You also have security in the knowledge that Lingfield Correspondence has been a professional BHS based Training Provider since 1996.

Course is ideal for rider/owner or as a coaching tool for instructors

  • The novice rider / horse carer who wants to feel more confident
  • Parents who would like to know how to motivate and support their child’s riding and handling abilities
  • The rider who wants to get the mental edge in competition
  • For professional instructors / coaches who want to really understand their clients and to shine a light on the often taboo subject of fear and confidence in horse riding
  • Furthermore these techniques can be applied anywhere, anytime and will help you be more confident throughout your life

Paula who runs the admin for the courses offered this advice:
“Although you have as much or as little contact with your tutor as you wish, with this course, those who keep in contact with their tutor find it enables them to more easily work through confidence issues. 

The free skype session has helped many too.  Ask Emma and Martin about the option of further sessions on skype if required”

  • 2 modules
  • Free Skype session with Martin/Emma
  • Multiple learning tasks and assignments.
  • Self assessment & research projects
  • Optional final assignment for Certification (tutor assessed)
  • Admin fee for optional tutor assessed assignments £15 / £19 Paypal/overseas
  • Fees: Instalments available  *Via UK Bank accounts only.
    • Standing order set up is required prior to activation. Detailed form is provided when you complete checkout of first instalment payment.

Option to achieve Certificate on completion:

  • Specialist course Certificate ‘Ride With More Confidence’

NOTE:  When used as part of the Intermediate Diploma programme (ID5), provides the majority of the theory for Stage 1 & 2.  ID’s offer subsidised fees & option of 4 certificates

Entry Requirements:   

  • Minimum age 16 years
  • Mature students more than welcomed.
  • Be aware – the final element of any course cannot be sent until the full fee is paid.

Tutor:    Martin Murphy & Emma Corbett

Delivery of course material:

To your email address – see Frequently asked Questions.

Note:  Link to first file will be sent to the Billing email address.  When you click confirm & pay – you will be sent an automated email. The email contains a file download link.  If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder.

All course material sent via pdf files.
Initial file on enrolment. Next file @ minimum 14 day interval subject to T & C and procedures.

In line with most national college courses, file/module delivery is via pdf files. Assignments require use of Free App: Adobe Reader for Windows or ipad.

Beneficial to successful completion of the course is:  a keyboard, and a printer if you prefer to work from the printed page (average use: 1 toner / 2 cartridge); An internet connection via computer/similar device enabling completion of assignments and access to Lingfield’s online cloud system for tutor checked assignments.

Before paying you will be asked to tick that you have read the Terms & Conditions – and if paying for someone else ticking this means you agree to be sure they have read and agree to abide by all Procedures and the Terms & Conditions. Printable copies are available via the Terms & Conditions page.

Access to course files for visually impaired – available on request.

Restrictions to delivery of course files apply:

  • On a monthly/payment basis with instalment plans, and to specialist courses within an ID programme – all as per T & C.
    Completion restrictions may occasionally apply with government funding.
    Be aware – the final element of any course cannot be sent until the full fee is paid.
  1. Models for (plans or routes to) achieving peak performance, success and confidence
  2. Overcoming confidence challenges and hidden apprehension
  3. Overcoming mental blocks to achieving good results
  4. Boosting confidence – riding out, in the school, over fences, cross country.
  5. How to put handles on and understand and manage your feelings
  6. How to turn your inner critic into your own personal confidence coach
  7. Fast mental re-programming techniques for resolving painful past memories
  8. Strategies / a plan of action for changing anxiety ‘triggers’ into confidence boosting states

Empowering questions
The art of inner game coaching
Model confidence and find the right pattern to work with
Techniques for self hypnosis
Music to boost confidence
Manage your emotions & feel confident anytime
The secret to permanent powerful states
Reframe negative beliefs into a confidence boosting mindset
Goal setting and actions for confidence
Creating a POWER vision for your success – in life and competition
The confidence skills matrix.  A chart showing solutions to help you understand the route to your powers

Delivery & Completion – see main Courses page

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