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Equine Care & Management Fast Track Programme £252.00 (code FT)

Equine Care & Management Fast Track Programme £252.00 (code FT)


Skill Level Skill Level 2-3
Number of units/modules 14
Total Hours Flexible & dependent on student input.
Course Duration Totally flexible - no fixed completion dates
No Attendance or Study Weeks required None. Access to horses is assumed
Certification type Completion confirmation - digital.

Equine Care & Management – The Fast Track option.

Based on the British Horse Society Stages 1 & 2 equine management theory

  • The same as our Intermediate Diploma programme containing Levels 1 & 2, but without practical session/research, assessments & with simple digital ‘confirmation of completion’ certification.
  • 14 modules + optional short final assignment for digital confirmation of completion certificate
  1. An even faster track during Covid 19 – modules at 3/4 day intervals – providing full fee is paid as per T & C.
  2. Submit one short assignment to achieve a digital ‘completion’ certificate
  3. There is no practical tack fitting element in the Level 1 element of this programme.
  4. Optional research elements.
  5. No age limit, prior qualifications or entry requirements.

Upgrades available to the full Intermediate Diploma programme.  Simply pay the difference within 1 month of enrolment, complete the required research and tutor assessed assignment.

  • Lingfield – the friendly distance learning group! 
  • A professional and trusted training group first established as a distance learning provider in 1996, a leader in the field.
  • The courses provide career students with majority of the theory required for professional qualifications. The courses are extremely comprehensive and go way beyond the basics for assessment level.
  • You can work at own speed, in own time –  no rush no hassle – even take a break if you wish.
  • There are no fixed completion dates providing you maintain contact now and again. On completion of short tick box assignment, you receive a digital certificate showing confirmation of receipt of the course material. Your knowledge therefore, is not assessed on completion.
  • Most courses offer only a year for completion – we realise that life for adults is not always quite so simple and straightforwards.
  • Life does not always fit the box provided by training providers.
  • You may take a year or even 2 years or more to complete if life gets hectic.
  • Note that this programme as with all of Lingfield Equine Distance Learning courses, provides theory only, there is no practical training.  It does not count towards a professional qualification any more than any other distance learning course or programme would do.  All UK professional qualifications for working hands on with horses are examined/assessed practically by either the BHS or the ABRS at equestrian centres or by colleges for the National Diplomas (City & Guilds etc) and Apprenticeships.

Free personal tutor support:

  • Your tutor works with you to help you achieve. Have as much or as little contact as you wish.
  • Call on your tutor for advice during and even after you finish the course. (Your own personal helpline)

Full details of syllabus on the Syllabus Tab to the Description Tab.

Access to course files for visually impaired – available on request.

Both courses are included in this programme

Syllabus – Level 1 – refer to Level 1 course

Syllabus – Level 2

• Psychology further to Level 1.
• Farriers, Registration.
• Shoeing.
• Reasons for calling the farrier.
• Detailed structure of the lower leg and foot.
• Effects of hard ground and heavy going.
• Treating minor wounds.
• Common injuries and ailments – further to Level 1.
• Bandages and boots for protection.

• Grassland Management:
• Renovation & maintenance of pasture and buildings for equines.
• Making hay.
• Evaluation of hay making on small parcels of land.
• Analysis of soil structure and nutrients.
• General management.
• Worming – further to Level 1
• Watering and feeding further to Level 1
• How to provide a balanced diet
• Guides to light, moderate, medium work etc.
• Feeding for light to medium work.
• Teeth*

• Lunging – brief info only
• Tack further to Level 1. Further care of saddlery
• Importance of daily routine
• Guidelines and importance of routine for running a small yard
• Daily, weekly, periodical & annual treatment, tasks and maintenance jobs
• Insurance for horse & rider
• Etiquette – rules and manners for Indoor and outdoor schools & warming up at shows
• Parking etiquette – horse boxes and trailers

Research projects throughout

Examples of Research Projects :
Latest products for wound treatment
Feed Scoops
Feeds by volume and weight

Prior theory revision required

  • Worming & methods of maintaining low worm burdens in equines and on pasture
  • Feeds: types of hard feed and their uses.
    Vacuum Packed products – use and storage.
    Various types of bedding materials such as hemp and methods/management.
  • Buying and getting a second hand saddle fitted.
  • Bit fitting
  • Fitting bits and bridles and what to look for in poorly fitting bits and tack.
  • Psychology & behaviour.
  • Procedures for buying horses.

Recommended reading: 

  • Manual of Horsemanship from,
  • Grassland Management for Horse & Pony Owners (BHS)
  • Lingfield Wall Charts (buy both for £12) available here

Further reading:

  • First Aid for Horse Owners.

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