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Specialist Course ABRS The Responsible Groom – My Equine CPD

Specialist Course ABRS The Responsible Groom – My Equine CPD


Fee £20 - ABRS members only 1 - or 2 ABRS students working in tandem
Difficulty Skill Level 1-2 - Beyond Foundation
Number of units/modules 5 Modules: 1 delivered on enrolment.
Total Hours 4-5 hours (4-5 weeks) dependent on student input
Duration Totally flexible - no fixed completion dates
Practical Activities/Research Practical research on Records, Vaccinations and Animal Welfare Act
ABRS Certificate ABRS digital

The Responsible Groom

ABRS members offer only

ABRS My Equine CPD course.

  • Distance learning to future proof your business

  • Build skills for today, tomorrow and beyond

  • Fast, economical, flexible completion dates

Lingfield Equine Distance Learning partnered with The Association of British Riding Schools.  Affordable Certificated Equine CPD course 2019-2020. ‘The Responsible Groom’ course provides Certificated Equine CPD for ABRS grooms/staff, (employees on the payroll)- 2019 & 2020.  Lingfield provides a year on year ongoing cpd training for ABRS members.

A short simple professionally produced CPD course for ABRS grooms and stable staff beyond foundation level.  

Pilot year 2019-2020.

  •  £20 per course for members of the Association of British Riding Schools.
  • 2 staff (on the payroll) at same establishment may share a course = £10 per employee
  • Non ABRS students = £35 per individual – available here
  • Easy and user friendly 

  • Employer simply tailors course timetable to fit own needs

This online course cover topics relevant to employees at commercial riding establishments.  The economical way to provide certificated proof of staff training, to abide by current legislation and to avoid traveling to and from or attending set training courses.

The course for 2019-2020 includes topics relevant specifically to your type of equine hire business.  Many of the topics are outside the normal sphere of equine management so do not conflict with or duplicate regular equine training. 
Topics explain regulations & working policies and how they affect the daily lives of your staff, the animals they care for and your customers.    The course is aimed at those beyond foundation level. 
On completion, your staff member will have a better understanding of how your business works in today’s regulated world and just as importantly, why those regulations are in place.  The material incorporates details on staff responsibilities relating to policies, teamwork, awareness of current regulations and mindfulness of the welfare of others both human and animal.

The course will be of real benefit not only to your staff members – but by default, to you their employer. Be aware: To enrol you will need the first three letters of your ABRS log in code.


  • Staff guided online integrated training
  • No loss of full working days
  • Flexible completion dates
  • Easy online enrolment
  • Immediate start
  • Online card payment

What does it provide for the ABRS employer?

  1. Proof of training for legislation purposes
  2. Staff regulated & guided training, integrated with work timetable
  3. Provider checked online assignments for ABRS Certification
  4. Negligible employer input throughout
  5. ABRS Certificates – Digital and Printable
  6. 2 ABRS staff members may share a course for just £20 per course.
  7. A saving of £50 per 2 employees for ABRS members

Who needs this course: 

“Businesses which hire out horses for riding or for riding lessons. This includes riding schools and those that hire out horses, trekking, loan horses, pony parties (but only where the ponies are ridden), hunter hirelings, polo/polocrosse instruction and pony hire, pony and donkey rides.”

If this course is for yourself – read More Enrolment Details below.

How does it work?

  • It’s simple – just read through the files as and when they arrive in your inbox.
  • We will shortly upload right here, a printable guide to enrolling


  1. Lingfield Tutor checks assignment
  2. Notifies employer & ABRS of successful completion
  3. Employer applies to ABRS for certification

Important Notes to Employer and Students

  • 2 students may share a course via the lead student. They are responsible for sharing and completion of the course at the same time. This is mandatory.
  • Completion may be related to annual license renewal.  Students must check with employer.
  •  The initial file links are ‘time limited’ to 3 days from enrolment.  You must save the file to your own device.
  • File links are limited to 3 download attempts (3 clicks) per establishment.
  • Files must be SAVED
    • If using an ipad to the Adobe App and then opened – using the password, or
    • If using a laptop, saved to downloads into a documents folder & use the Adobe App to open the file – using the password.
  • Staff must confirm immediately to their employer and to Lingfield that they have saved and can re-open their file.
  • No confirmation to Lingfield means no certification. 

Entry requirements

      • Basic equine management skills.
      • Email address
      • A keyboard and laptop / ipad,
        • Adobe Acrobat Reader app is required for working on course assignment.
      • Ability to access and save online documents.
      • Minimum age 16 (employer confirms).

TEST:  Use this password protected document as a test for Adobe Reader App., downloading, saving, & reopening course files

  • Make sure you can re-access the file once saved.
  • The password to open the file is RedRobin which must be used each time you open the file. It is case sensitive
  • Use of the free app Adobe Acrobat Reader for assignments is required for course files.  Basic pdf readers are insufficient.
  • Android/Laptop  Adobe free Download      iOS device    Adobe free Download

This course is specific to employees at Riding Schools / Equestrian Centres.  For the employer, it explains to your staff members, the importance of regulations and how those regulations affect them.

It  discusses legal and moral responsibilities of reporting incidents and issues to you and how best to handle various situations should they arise with horses, with other staff members, clients, livery owners, visiting professionals or clients. Together with this it includes an anatomy reminder and individual personal projects on: building dimensions in connection with welfare, physiology and feed records.

The course includes:

  • Reasons behind various policies and how policies affect staff personally.
  • The importance of responsible reporting.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Safeguarding – what is it and how it affects staff personally.
  • Data Protection.
  • Bullying, Racism, Stress and Mental Health awareness.
  • Social Media – personal / business.
  • Equine awareness, reactions, stress behaviour.
  • Mindfulness relating to individual equines.
  • Equine Anatomy – a reminder
  • Physiology and Biomechanics

Individual projects

  • Flu & Tet
  • Stable and building dimensions awareness
  • Feed & Bedding records

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Fee: £20.00