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Specialist Course (SC9) Prep for BHS Teach / Eq Coaching Cert. £210.00

Specialist Course (SC9) Prep for BHS Teach / Eq Coaching Cert. £210.00


Skill Level Skill Level 2
Number of units/modules 2
Total Hours 25 / 45 - dependent on student input
Course Duration Totally flexible - no completion dates. Contact required periodically to maintain an active course.
No Attendance or Study Weeks required Conducted by home study + ability to access to horses locally

Preparation for The BHS Stage 2 Teach Award

This course provides a step by step guide teaching and managing lessons and groups.

It is for those aiming to instruct / coach either on a freelance basis or at a riding school. The aim of this course is to guide and prepare those who aim in future to achieve the Teach Award with the BHS or, the generic Equestrian Coaching Certificate Level 2 via 1st4Sport – (see this page of our site).

  • Work at your own speed – in your own time
  • No fixed completion dates.

What is the Teach award with the BHS like?

  • This is one of the very few only distance courses available which explains what to teach, what to prepare & how to present it.
  • Finally, you will find out what to expect right here
  • This course provides you with the details of exactly what to expect on assessment day and gives you the tools to achieve a good pass
  • Perfect for anyone preparing for professional exams
  • Lingfield also provide mini lecture/presentations which are useful for explaining to people at the yard how things should be done.  They cover things like safety. These mini lectures/talks are useful for UKCC qualfications and may well be presented to both staff and volunteers who regularly help at the yard.  We provide you with information on how to plan and present your talk with ease.
  • If you aim to teach in future then this course will help you prepare lessons – give you ideas on how to approach various lessons – lead rein, group, private, jumping and more.
  • It explains how people learn and how to handle situations when you have groups of parents watching and who are keen to ‘assist’
  • Although it is aimed at those hoping to take the Teach award it is useful for anyone aiming to teach or achieve the UKCC awards.

A unique course – one of the first of it’s kind – nowhere else will you find such a useful and broad ranging distance learning on this topic .

A fabulous course for anyone preparing for their Professional exams.  A brilliant tool – especially if your assessment is coming up soon.

  • It offers free tutor support and approximately 25-35 hours of study time – depending on student input.
  • 2 modules
  • Multiple learning tasks and assignments.
  • Self assessment, research projects
  • Optional final assignment for Certification (tutor assessed)
  • Admin fee for optional tutor assessed assignments £15 / £19 Paypal/overseas

What is in it for me?

Enrol now – immediate start.  Automated receipt of course files.  No waiting.

The benefits of this combined programme are:

Total flexibility to fit in with your family and your life.  No fixed completion dates.

You have the confidence that the author of this course has BHS  professional qualifications and personal experience – they have been there and done it – they speak from experience.  The Teach award  course author is highly qualified and has a broad client base.

The alternative to the BHS training and qualification route is:

The Level 2 Equestrian Coaching Certificates offered by various disciplines.  e.g. Britsh Evening, British Dressage, British Showjumping, British Carriage Driving, British Reining and the generic riding option by the Association of British Riding Schools: 


You also have security in the knowledge that Lingfield Correspondence has been a professional Training Provider since 1996.

Option to achieve Certificate on completion:

  • Specialist course Certificate ‘Preparation for the BHS Teach award’

Tutor: Gail West


READ MORE -SC9 BHS Teach – Entry Requirements


SYLLABUS Teach Award Preparation – SC9

  • Overview of BHS system for teaching – what this means for you in ‘real terms’
  • Motivation, Role & Qualities
  • How people learn *1
  • Teaching styles *2
  • Teaching children & adults -The distinction, developmental growth, ability, characteristics, personalities & approach.
  • Risk assessments *3
  • Presentation/mini lecture/talks topics for volunteers or staff *4. Examples & supporting notes
  • Where to train
  • The Voice & Body Language
  • Reading body language *5.
  • School rules, commands and movements *6.
  • Teaching / Instructing / Coaching / Training – The difference
  • Lesson structure and planning *7
  • Assembling a Ride
  • Planning types of Lessons *8
  • Dealing with outside influences, normal issues and unexpected problems
  • Assessment day tips & advice
  • Evaluation & self reflection
  • CPD


* Research Projects:     

  • The Learning Cycle
  • Teaching Styles
  • Risk Assessments
  • Presentation
  • Body Language
  • Rules, commands & exercises
  • General lesson planning
  • Assessment day lesson planning

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