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Specialist Course Training Your Own Horse

Specialist Course Training Your Own Horse


Skill Level Skill Level 2-3
Number of units/modules 2 + video coaching
Total Hours Working time with your horse 25 / 65hrs - dependent on horse & student input/ riding/standard
Course Duration Totally flexible - no completion dates. Contact required periodically to maintain an active course.
No Attendance or Study Weeks required Conducted by home study + ability to ride in own time
Video Coaching from Senara Caddy Yes - free

Train your own horse – Work as a team

Become a horse coach by training your own horse.  Improve your dressage scores and love what you and your horse are doing together. Schooling and Riding tips.

Fee £68 (subsidised)  Course Code SC2.    OR   Shared Option £50 each – support your friend – work together

7 Good reasons why this course might help you

  1. Improve your horse.
  2. Re-school or re-train your own horse.
  3. Get help with an older or untrained horses.
  4. Video lessons – as and when you choose.
  5. No more getting bored in the arena.
  6. Get up to date with new and interesting exercises & training tools.
  7. Or simply improve your dressage.

Access the course time and again once downloaded. Use it over and over and with different horses. No time limitations.

NEW SHARERS OPTION: Enrol on this course with a friend – extra person fee is just £32. 

  • Shared option basically means 2 courses for £100. 
  • Work together, video each other, support each other.
  • The shared option – email
  • Both of you work through the course  at more or less the same speed so that you complete at the same time.  Assignments checked, at the same time.
  • There is no rush though, and you could even skip those bits of the course that do not work for you.
  • Send as many videos as you wish as you work through the course. Both students should email any videos at the same time so that it’s viable for your tutor time-wise. 

Let’s face it whether we are new owners or experienced riders, we could all do with a bit of help and a few new ideas now and again – and that applies to both you and your horse.  There is always something new to learn.

Video Coaching is included in this course – it’s free.  Our well qualified and experienced senior coach Senara Caddy provides one to one coaching – send videos as and when you wish throughout the course to ask for suggestions and opinions and to ask how to fix things.  Senara will provide feedback and assistance.   Senara, is a BHS Senior Coach who has worked at top levels both here overseas.   Few people have such an opportunity to work with this sort of trainer – don’t let it slide past you.

The hidden aids:

  • Professional riders seem to achieve brilliant ridden work without even moving a muscle.
  • Most top competitors do not publicly discuss the importance of hidden aids
  • You could learn about those hidden aids these successful riders rarely talk about;
  • Now’s your chance to learn. Enrol now – immediate start.

You will learn:

  • How your horse learns
  • How to know if your horse is happy in his work
  • Whether he is in pain when you are riding and training
  • A 20 Minute Schooling session planIdeal for when you have limited time. You could record yourself reading through it & play in your ear whilst riding.  Never get stuck for what to do next.

Are you and your horse are stuck in the same old rut?

  • If you always do what you’ve always done,  you’ll always get what you always got.


  • If you want it to change, make that change NOW – enrol today and start immediately.

If you don’t change the way you do things, everything will simply stay the same. Only if you make things different can you change the way things happen.  That is what training your horse is about – making tiny changes, some so small that no one can see. Here on this course you will find your friendly one to one tutor support to help you make any tiny changes that will help you succeed.

Tools of the Trade:   We have also provided you with a variety of Tools and School Exercises for Training your own horse. Everyone of any standard can benefit from the enormous variety of arena exercises

Assignments, Practical Activities and Research:

What is expected of me as I work on the course?

  • Take time to do the simple things as well as the new more challenging ones.
  • Practice in bite sized chunks.
  • Always end on a good note when riding.  This is really important for both of you, even if you have not yet mastered the new exercise or movement.
  • If it didn’t work today you can try again tomorrow – as long as you finished today on a good note.
  • If the last thing your horse remembers and ‘associates with’ when leaving the schooling area is a bad feeling from you, he or she is unlikely to be keen to repeat the exercise.
  • Contact Senara – ask her for help and advice throughout your course and send her your videos.

To work through to achieve certificates on completion, students must be able to

  1. Print documents
  2. Use Adobe forms and
  3. Save files to Adobe Acrobat – it is free and simple and you probably use it already!

here is a help video

NOTE:  Once you download the file you will have it forever.

However, the initial link you will receive to after enrolment enables you to download the first file but that link is time limited. It runs out in just a few days.  It is also download restricted – you can only click to download a few times – therefore, you MUST be able save the file initially.

You are encouraged to achieve a certificate on completion of this course.

Author Tutor:   Senara Caddy

READ MORE – Read on for full details before enrolling.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS – Course Structure – fee /instalment payments

Printable Syllabus with Course Fees


The syllabus for this course is considered by many coaches to be more comprehensive and detailed than most others at this standard and fee.

It explains in easy to read language what all these terms are and what they mean to you in every day riding terms.

The course is surprisingly extensive and in depth yet simple to take on board and therefore improve your riding and training skills

  • What exactly is Schooling and Training
  • Tools for Schooling – what are they and how to use them like the professionals
    • A variety of tools are included throughout the course
  • How to be a thinking rider
  • Tack & Clothing
  • Your Schooling area
  • Your Position
  • Jumping Position
  • Communicating with your Horse
  • Aids – and hidden messages the professionals use.
  • Lateral work
  • Muscle Memory – what it is & how to improve it.
  • Seat & Weight Aids – how to work on them
  • Your voice
  • Markers & Letters
  • 20 Minute Schooling programme
  • Half Halts
  • Horse Awareness – learn how to establish if your horse is in pain
  • Groundwork – Also ideal for Winter and when you cannot ride
  • Left / Right Rein what, when, where and how
  • The Gaits explained
  • Rhythm – what is it and how to maintain it
  • Leading Leg issues
  • How Your Horse Moves and why it is important to understand
  • Building Blocks – Scales of Training – the modern way of training
  • On The Forehand
  • Building Block 1 Rhythm
  • Schooling Exercises 1 – 6
  • Building Block 2 Suppleness
  • Schooling Exercises 7 – 13
  • Top Line Suppleness
  • Stretching down – ground exercises.
  • Suppleness
  • Working long and low
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Building Block 3 – Contact -what is Contact
  • Outline – what is outline
  • Overcoming Problems
  • Schooling Exercises 14 – 17
  • Variation in your Work
  • Transitions
  • Lateral Work
  • Exercise 18
  • Lateral Movements
  • Exercise 20
  • Raised Poles & Preparation for Jumping
  • Exercise 21 & 22Section 1 Research
    • Research Activity 1 – Training Scale
    • Research Activity 2 – Schooling Score
    • Research Activity 3 – Recording Suppleness
    • Research Activity 4 – Long; Low; Engagement
    • Research Activity 5 – Assessing Contact
    • Research Activity 6 – Lateral Movements


Section 2 Research

  • Research / Practical Activity 1 – The classical seat
  • Research / Practical Activity 2 – Positional checks
  • Research / Practical Activity 3 – Positional checks – forwards position
  • Research / Practical Activity 4 –  Horse Awareness – Facial Expressions
  • Research / Practical Activity 5 –  Weight
  • Research / Practical Activity 6 –  Horse Awareness – Personal Space

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