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Snow, Ice & Frozen Water

Plenty of areas in the UK have had some pretty poor weather during Winter. One of the things horse owners often struggle with is providing enough water.

If you find your horses has water buckets which are frozen in the morning you absolutely MUST provide them with two full buckets as soon as you arrive.  They need just as much water in the bad snowy icy weather as they do at other times of year.

Horses drink between 6 and 10 GALLONS of water a day – now that is a lot of water.

Do YOU know how much your water bucket holds?  If not go straight away and check it out.  Make sure you are providing enough water.

A horses body is made up of 50% water.

  • They need water  to help their body work and function properly.
  • They need water to enable their food to be digested properly and for the body to remove the nutrients from the food.
  • They can survive for longer without food than water.
  • No water for some days of course means certain death.


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