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The 5 Freedoms of the Horse

It is said there are 5 freedoms all horses must have.

No matter in what situation, and under what circumstances a horse is kept, we must always try to provide these 5 things:

1. Freedom to drink when it wishes and to eat to sustain good health.

2. Freedom to move around with ease in a comfortable environment, with shelter and with a place to rest quietly.

3. Freedom to be a horse and to have sufficient space to act naturally with others of it’s kind – like normal horses.

4. Freedom from injury, disease and pain within the bounds and capacities of we humans who care for them.

5. Freedom from fear, stress, or any sort of mental suffering.

At Lingfield Equine Distance Learning courses we explain how to do this in a way that fits with your modern lifestyle and within the bounds of the modern stable yard.

The very comprehensive Level 1 Equine Care & Management course or the Intermediate Diploma programme for the motivated learner and more experienced rider provide loads of detail and will broaden your knowledge to help some enlightened people to care in a different way for their horse

We show you that with care and consideration there IS a way forward with natural horsemanship in horse management.

What is natural horsemanship in this context?

It is an understanding of equine psychology & behaviour and and understanding of your horses needs and ways of keeping your horse in the most natural manner possible.  The horse always comes first.

Enrol with Lingfield today to learn how to use a more natural horsemanship route equine care & management.

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