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Vacancy for Tutor/Author

Mrs E

Tutor/Author required for distance learning course.

Post FILLED – thank you for looking though.

Applications close 3pm on Sunday 26th November 2017

Must be qualified BHS Level 2 or ABRS coach with at least 10 years of qualified teaching experience at a variety of standards – mainly grass roots riders.

Freelance Area of specialisation:  Must have a genuine interest in teaching and knowledge of different techniques used in various circumstances to improve the rider. An interest in how people learn is useful.

  • Ability and willingness to collaborate with one or more instructors in the production of course material (text).
  • Good Word  & IT skills and an awareness of good grammar.
  • Ability to present good quality web photos would be an advantage.

This vacancy is for a freelance instructor who will integrates this with other work.  This ongoing tutor work is likely to involve 1 – 4 hours work a month after initial course production and publication.

Initially however, the time involved can be intermittently intensive until the course is completed and you may feel as though you are being bombarded with emails on occasion.  The intention is to produce the course over the Winter months 2017-2018.

As soon as the initial contact has been made by Lingfield re the course details, the instructor should be ready to contribute, asap  & within 2 days,  a brief list of ideas of topics to be covered (basic idea of a syllabus) and a couple of pages only of an example of your ideas on the type of text / material which might be offered to students.

Required Product Spec & detail:

Approx 100+ pages – dependent on discussion and subsequent author input.

Easy to read conversational language is required with plenty of bullet point style presentation where possible & diagrams

Self assessment assignments

One tutor checked assignment on completion for an in house award/certificate

Invoice: % per sale.

The intention is to set this new course up as soon as possible.  The instructor should therefore, be sure they have time available in the forthcoming weeks.

In the first instance please send a personal letter (as an attachment) to with full personal details – i.e. we want to know about you – tell us the sort of person you are and what your life is like and your interests and any other qualifications and any work outside the equestrian industry. we wont be meeting you in person so think of this as an interview on paper.

Include details of work with horses and qualifications or send a separate CV to accompany the letter.





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