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What could you achieve?

There are several things you could do, and much more you can achieve by taking Lingfield courses.

It doesn’t have to take years or even months, you could get ahead in just a few weeks.

  • You could learn how to you manage a livery yard and be the boss.
  • You could run the yard the way YOU want to run it.
  • You could go on to train your own staff in the way you want them to work.
  • You could become a professional groom.
  • You could become a horse trainer / riding instructor?
  • You could broaden your knowledge or get back up to date with the latest methods
  • Achieve Certificates or Intermediate Diplomas as proof of your knowledge and experience.
  • You could achieve many personal goals.

The great thing is you will find it easy because you can work at your own speed and in your own time.

Maybe now would be a good time to think about a distance learning course! You could start today if you enrol right now.

College courses and evening classes:

Do you find it difficult to fit into the structured timetable of an adult evening class or college course?

With these courses you work entirely at your own speed and in your own time.

No rush no hassle and if you find things getting a bit hectic at home just put the course down for a while and pick it up again when life settles down.

Have you the get up and go to become an entrepeneur?

  • You could learn how to set up your own business.
  • By taking a Lingfield course you could have the knowledge to run your own mobile tack shop.  Visiting local equestrian centres and livery yards.

All the courses will help your general knowlege on equine care and will help you in future to be more confident.  If you really do want to set up your own business, you could think about the following which are often run as franchises – but you could do it off your own back instead.

  • You could run a rug cleaning business.
  • You could run a clipper blade sharpening service.
  • Why not enrol today – right now – here on this site.

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