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What exactly is ‘Mindfulness’ with horses?

Jacqui Howe and Mindfulness with Animals are there to help.  Jacquie will help you and animals around you to be confident and relaxed, trusting and peaceful

Lingfield recommends Jacqui Howe for times when you don’t know how to cope with your horse’s behavioural problems.

Jacqui Howe is trained and is now considered to be an industry expert in this technique.  Jacqui will show you how to:

Overcome behavioural / emotional difficulties, help your animal friends and partners to be calm and confident. You will therefore have that peaceful, joyful relationship you really want.     Workshops and Retreats

Using this mindfulness technique along with the Lingfield equine management diploma (Psychology)  will improve your skills hugely.

It is not just horses – dogs and cats too

Testimonial from previous event with Jacqui Howe:

“I was privileged and thrilled to be able to attend Jacqui’s  workshop, with a mixed herd roaming freely behind us in their  field. The group was small and intimate and we all came from far and wide all so different, but all knowing that there is a kind and gentle way to communicate with animals. I sat in the beautiful morning sunshine, knowing a little from videos and online and itching to learn more.

Jacqui is calm and warm spirited with a soothing voice that is relaxing and gentle. She explained clearly and simply that this is not a mystical art but something innate within each of us, that we are all capable of achieving – we have all just forgotten how as we go about being a human “doing” rather than a human “being”. Under her guidance we practiced bringing our energy down, emptying our minds and being in the present moment and most importantly releasing any expectations.

We all discussed how we felt and things we struggled with… Jacqui calmly and without judgement gave us further guidance and practical help to maintain this tranquil state, before demonstrating the technique on one of the horses.

It was beautiful to see – she explained that all animals react differently to start with, before accepting that it is OK and safe to relax and release. The horse took deep breaths, his eyes got heavier, head dropped, rested foot, weight shifting and yawning. We then got to practice what we had learnt and seen. I must admit I was nervous as to whether I was really achieving this feeling and doing it properly.
Respecting the herd boundaries we quietly stood or sat and became “present”.
What can I say – all the horses approached us, curiously sniffing, blowing gently through their noses, heads dropped and all very gentle, just craving the sense of peace we were creating. I was obviously doing something right!

We were all so peaceful. I felt honoured and it was quite emotional and very beautiful.
The whole experience was amazing and I can’t recommend Jacqui more highly and will be calling on her knowledge, experience and gentle ways to help one of my horses release blockages and trauma of being saddled and ridden. We owe it to our animals and ourselves to have relationships with each other based on trust, respect and understanding, without fear, mistrust and pressure.

I may sound evangelical, but I have tried this with my horse a few times myself, and I never thought such a difference would be possible. I’m very grateful. Thank you.”  

Emma-Claire Pullen, Sussex.

Testimonials with dogs:

Suzy wanted to be able to enjoy a walk with Ruby without her running away.  Just one consultation has helped Ruby, and indeed the whole family:

“Already this is making a difference… I actually enjoyed taking my dog for a walk for the first time in a very long time… I’m eternally grateful for my session.With just that 2 hours I was completely blown away by it. If you have … any animal that you think wow, this relationship isn’t as much fun as it should be, just learn how to use this technique because anyone can do and it’s very, very beautiful.”  Suzy Miller, Forest Row, E Sussex.

“Thank you Jacqui for sharing so much useful information and for being so generous with your time on your recent visit. I am using the mindfulness technique to find a deeper connection with my horses and dogs, the stillness is helping me too. Helping Lola with her phobia about nail clipping is a longer project but I am grateful for the setup you have given me, we are making progress.”  Julie Baker,  Sussex. 

“My two dogs have both been so scared of fireworks for the past 6-8 years.  They would shake and literally hide.  I had a couple of sessions with Jacqui just a few weeks before bonfire night and as soon as the fireworks went off following that, their behaviour was calm and not at all stressed.  This has continued and we went through all the new year fireworks being peaceful too! (We live in a village and they are LOUD!) It’s amazing that something so gentle and non-invasive, no pressure, no de-sensitising or harsh words can help so hugely. Everyone needs to know about this! Thank you for sharing what you do.” Sally Walters, E. Sussex.

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