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Who taught you to ride a horse?

Who taught you to ride?

Was it a friend, a relative or a riding school instructor who taught you to ride?

The person who taught you to ride, in the early riding sessions, probably taught you the ‘basic aids’.  They may however, have put aside the finer details of  ‘the riders aids’ at this stage.

Yet when being taught to ride, it is the finer points and finer aids which really help to get clear messages from rider to horse. They help the horse understand what the rider wants and help the rider improve not only their riding but the horse as well.

It is common for new riders to be taught to ride by younger and sometimes inexperienced instructors/coaches or by a friend or relative.

  • These instructors/friends very often feel that to go into too much depth and detail will be difficult for the new rider to absorb.
  • It is often felt that the new rider should at first just enjoy the ride.

In some ways they are right in that it is too complicated to take too many instructions on board all at once.

The rider once balanced and making headway in their lessons and riding sessions often moves on to another instructor and occasionally this is before things like the half halt are introduced by the first instructor. The rider seems to be doing OK so the new instructor assumes the rider has already been taught those finer details of the aids.  Or, maybe the new instructor is not that well qualified or experienced anyway and would never have introduced information on those sort of in depth details of the aids.

Once again those in-depth details and finer points of the aids are left out.

It’s not the rider’s fault – they don’t even know these things are available to them.

Who then will teach them those finer details of the aids?

Sooner or later those ‘in depth’ details and finer points of the aids such as half halts must be taught if the rider and their horse are to improve.

  • Unfortunately (and invariably), it is only later in their riding career that some riders pick up those finer points  from reading books and articles on the internet or listening to experienced coaches teaching others.
    •     Even then, those finer details and finer aids like the half halt, are only picked up by those experienced riders who are keen to learn and improve. The person who originally taught them to ride just didn’t get to teach them these.
  • When they finally get a handle on it and realise how useful and magic they are, they often wonder why on earth no one ever taught them these things before!

The Lingfield Schooling & School Exercises course:

is for those who are keen to grasp and finally get hold of and learn those in depth details and finer points of the aids.

It will explain those hidden aids that top riders use.  You may have seen them on the television or You Tube – their horses seem to do things without the rider moving a muscle.

Together with this the course covers a variety of schooling exercises during which the finer points and messages are used to your advantage and you will find you and your horse really start to benefit.

However, this course is only for those who are keen to learn a little more about training horses

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”  Zig Zigler

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