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Who takes Lingfield courses?

Who are these courses for:

The Lingfield courses are aimed not only at those aiming to work in the industry but also at those who require practical and broad ranging information on equine management in real life – perhaps for the horse owner or yard manager.

This approach to learning provides the student with a genuine and workmanlike knowledge as opposed to providing a more restrictive career pathway for students whose aim is often purely to achieve exam results and qualifications.

In recent decades we have seen a change in ownership and management of horses.  It is commonly seen that owners with horses on ‘Do It Yourself’ yards are inadvertently feeding too much (both hard feed and roughage) all year round and – to compound this problem they over rug them in Winter.  In polite terms, they keep their horses ‘too well’.

Result: Many horses are overweight owing to poor management.  We now sadly have a national laminitis issue which is not seen in other EU countries or in countries further afield.

Check out the Intermediate Diploma programmes –

  • Enrol now and start immediately
  • No fixed completion dates
  • Work at your own speed in your own time
  • 2 courses for a subsidised fee of just £348


Kimberley Gilgrist & new horse

Kimberley Gilchrist one of our working students

Intermediate Diplomas here


Of Course I Love My Horse – personal notebook


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